How To Reset my Canon Printer Settings?

Canon users often face a situation where they need to reset their printer but don’t know how to achieve it. Therefore, we have covered the detailed process of resetting a Canon printer in this guide.

canon printer reset

Resetting the printer helps get the printer back to normal operation and simplifies many problems such as slow printing, unresponsive, offline printer etc. So without wasting any time let’s move on to the next segment to learn more about the Canon printer reset process.

Resetting Canon wired printers
We have broken this article into four parts to simplify the process of resetting your Canon printer:

Reset the wired printer
Power Blend Printer
Printer ink connection
Strong liters of printer
Electricity Reset Canon Printer:
Often, all you need to do to get the printer back to normal operation is actually a power reset. Read the steps below to perform a simple Canon printer reset.

First of all, turn off the printer and unplug it from the wall socket, then unplug the Ethernet cable from the printer to disconnect it completely.
After waiting, put the device back into the electrical socket. Also plug the Ethernet cable back into the link.
Run a test print to see if the problem is resolved.
Reset the ink on your Canon printer

Canon’s inkjet printer has a built-in unique chip that warns the user from time to time to reinstall the ink cartridge when it is low or empty. Repairing an ink cartridge with a refilled cartridge ends up disrupting standard printing operations. In this case, an ink chip reset is essential. Read the simple steps listed below to get your printer back to normal operation.
Remove the ink cartridge from the printing device, and then insert it into the main station of this reset device.
Make sure the chip on the ink cartridge is in contact with the touch pad of the resetter.
Now, gently hold the cartridge for a few seconds. The LED on the chip resetter will start flashing, keep holding it until the light stabilizes.
Remove the cartridge from the resetter chip and repeat this process for almost any additional cartridge that requires resetting.
Now, since the previous step, insert the cartridges into the printer.
Hard Reset Canon Printer:

A hard Canon printer reset restores your device to default printer settings. Learn the basic steps to perform a hard reset.

Hold the “Stop” button before starting the alarm.
Publish a “Start” button as soon as the warning flashes 19 times. This action will restore the device to factory settings.
In the previous step, uninstall the device from the network and reinstall it to go through the functionality of the last installed printer.
Resetting Canon Pixma printers
In this segment, we have described both methods with Canon Pixma series wheels, ie By “Factory Reset” and “Resetting this Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge”.

Factory Reset Canon Pixma Printer:
Read on and follow these steps to reset your own printer –

Turn on the printer and find the hunting arrows in the menu.
Find “ Device Settings ” and press OK.
Now select the “Reset” option and hit OK to start the reset process.
Turn off the printer.
In the next step, hold down the “Stop” button and then press the power button on the device.
Now run the “Stop” button.
Press the “Stop” button more times while holding down the “Power” button.
30 minutes after completing the above steps, the printer will display “O”.
Now press the “Stop” button more times before pressing the “Power” button more times.
To complete the reset process, press the “Power” button once to turn off the device
Pixma ink cartridge reset:

Repairing an ink cartridge with a refilled cartridge ends up disrupting standard printing operations. Follow the steps in the Simple To Do section to successfully reset your Canon printer or ink cartridge –

Unplug the printer power and USB cable to reset the Canon printer and even the ink cartridges.
While pressing the Power button, open the ink cartridge door and reconnect the electric wires so that all the power buttons are functional.
Now, to complete the whole process, close the capsule door and then release the power button.
Conclusion –

By following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to reset the printer and repair the related printer problems. For additional help on setting up canon ij exactly the same contact with Canon customer service from their official site.