AI-Based Face Identification Technology: Boon or Bane?

Online face identification methods work with the utility of AI and ML while recognizing a human face. This technique is used by a third-party facial recognition system to match face traits from a photograph to a real person. It compares the input to a collection of previously-stored faces in order to discover a perfect match.

Face recognition online systems can help in identifying a person’s ID information as well as their liveness, but it also raises concerns about confidentiality. The face identification market is predicted to expand from $4B in 2017 to $7.7B in 2022, indicating that it is on an unprecedented rise. This is owing to the fact that online face identification technology can be used for a wide range of business purposes. It may be used for client authentication, criminal monitoring, advertising, among other things.

Is Face Identification Technology Dangerous?

The individual’s right to privacy is crucial. Privacy refers to whatever rights you have over your private information and how it is utilized, including your facial biometric data. So, what precisely are the issues? Listed below are a few instances:


Without your permission or cooperation, your facial biometric data might be gathered and stored. It’s conceivable that hackers will acquire access to the data and exploit it. Face identification technology has the capacity to enable efficient online surveillance but it can quickly take a turn to information abuse. Someone may, for illustration, take your picture in a public place and use facial identifier software to find out your ID.


Because of the rise in online crime, face identification software technology is becoming increasingly widespread. As a consequence, your facial signature might pop up in unexpected places. It is expected that you won’t have any idea who may have access to it.


Yes, the one good-looking creation of nature below your head is yours and yours only, but your images aren’t. You may have waived your right to possession when you signed up for a social media site. Then, maybe a thief searches the internet for images of you and sells the data.

Basic Liberties

Government agencies, for example, may be able to keep an eye on you. It’s conceivable that what actions you undertake and where you go won’t be kept a secret anymore. In the coming time, it may be difficult to remain unidentified.

Walkthrough of Facial Identification Process

So, what exactly is face detection and how is it carried out by third-party face identification systems? The fundamental processes are as follows, which can slightly vary depending on the device you are using. It must be noted that the device should have a camera installed in it.

Step 1: A picture of the face is taken by the webcam and utilized to make the verification later. It is noteworthy that the face of the user must not be blurred ad the camera should not be faulty. Moreover, the user should be looking straight ahead to the lens of the camera.

Step 2: The facial area is then scanned using the AI-assisted face recognition software. Key elements are the space between the person’s eyes and the area between the forehead and chin. Facial areas that are significant in distinguishing your face are efficiently recognized by the program. As a consequence, each person’s facial signature is created and stored by the system.

Step 3: An individual’s facial biometric signature, which is essentially a mathematical and computational formula, is searched for in a database of archived faces to check if the person actually exists within the system. For example, at least 115 million people in the United States have their pictures saved in one or more LEA systems. According to a 2018 estimate, the FBI database holds over 400 million face images.

Step 4: A final decision is made by the AI-based face identification tool after cross-matching the person’s face with the picture portrayed on the ID document. Then, the results from the facial biometric verification process are shown to the individual and also they are updated in the back office API of the business conducting the authentication process.

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