AI-Based Face Identification Technology: Boon or Bane?

Online face identification methods work with the utility of AI and ML while recognizing a human face. This technique is used by a third-party facial recognition system to match face traits from a photograph to a real person. It compares the input to a collection of previously-stored faces in order to discover a perfect match.

Face recognition online systems can help in identifying a person’s ID information as well as their liveness, but it also raises concerns about confidentiality. The face identification market is predicted to expand from $4B in 2017 to $7.7B in 2022, indicating that it is on an unprecedented rise. This is owing to the fact that online face identification technology can be used for a wide range of business purposes. It may be used for client authentication, criminal monitoring, advertising, among other things.

Is Face Identification Technology Dangerous?

The individual’s right to privacy is crucial. Privacy refers to whatever rights you have over your private information and how it is utilized, including your facial biometric data. So, what precisely are the issues? Listed below are a few instances:


Without your permission or cooperation, your facial biometric data might be gathered and stored. It’s conceivable that hackers will acquire access to the data and exploit it. Face identification technology has the capacity to enable efficient online surveillance but it can quickly take a turn to information abuse. Someone may, for illustration, take your picture in a public place and use facial identifier software to find out your ID.


Because of the rise in online crime, face identification software technology is becoming increasingly widespread. As a consequence, your facial signature might pop up in unexpected places. It is expected that you won’t have any idea who may have access to it.


Yes, the one good-looking creation of nature below your head is yours and yours only, but your images aren’t. You may have waived your right to possession when you signed up for a social media site. Then, maybe a thief searches the internet for images of you and sells the data.

Basic Liberties

Government agencies, for example, may be able to keep an eye on you. It’s conceivable that what actions you undertake and where you go won’t be kept a secret anymore. In the coming time, it may be difficult to remain unidentified.

Walkthrough of Facial Identification Process

So, what exactly is face detection and how is it carried out by third-party face identification systems? The fundamental processes are as follows, which can slightly vary depending on the device you are using. It must be noted that the device should have a camera installed in it.

Step 1: A picture of the face is taken by the webcam and utilized to make the verification later. It is noteworthy that the face of the user must not be blurred ad the camera should not be faulty. Moreover, the user should be looking straight ahead to the lens of the camera.

Step 2: The facial area is then scanned using the AI-assisted face recognition software. Key elements are the space between the person’s eyes and the area between the forehead and chin. Facial areas that are significant in distinguishing your face are efficiently recognized by the program. As a consequence, each person’s facial signature is created and stored by the system.

Step 3: An individual’s facial biometric signature, which is essentially a mathematical and computational formula, is searched for in a database of archived faces to check if the person actually exists within the system. For example, at least 115 million people in the United States have their pictures saved in one or more LEA systems. According to a 2018 estimate, the FBI database holds over 400 million face images.

Step 4: A final decision is made by the AI-based face identification tool after cross-matching the person’s face with the picture portrayed on the ID document. Then, the results from the facial biometric verification process are shown to the individual and also they are updated in the back office API of the business conducting the authentication process.

Furnace Installation – Considerations before Getting Your New Furnace

Furnace installation in Ottawa involves the fixing of a furnace to the appropriate setting. You should first do some research on the internet or elsewhere, before going to the installer with questions or problems. In Ottawa, furnace installation is usually handled by The Furnace Installation Service in Ottawa. This furnace installation expert in Ottawa offers furnace installation services in the following areas:
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Hire Qualified Expert

Furnaces are very complex machines, so it is essential that you hire a qualified furnace installation expert in Ottawa to do the job properly. Not all furnace installation specialists are qualified to work on both, central and part furnace installation. With the help of a furnace installation expert in Ottawa you can expect the installation of a new furnace to be relatively painless. Your furnace service technician will also provide you with guidance on the proper setting for your furnace, depending on the make and model of your furnace. If your furnace is not yet installed, then let your furnace service technician do the furnace installation for you!

Heating and air conditioning installation is usually provided by licensed furnace service technicians. The type of service you get will depend on whether you have central air conditioning or not. If you have central air conditioning, you need to hire the services of furnace installation Ottawa contractors. Otherwise, you can opt for furnace installation through the ‘powers that be’ option. In this case, the technician would come to your house and set up a duct system that will pass air conditioning units to your rooms.

Choose Repair OR Replacement

If you have already got a furnace but it is faulty, then it may be possible that you get a furnace installation Ottawa contractor to get your air conditioning unit repaired. You can either opt for repair or replacement. However, some homeowners prefer to get both done at once. In such cases, the repair services would take place over the weekend and the installation of new air conditioners during the week. There are many contractors that offer this same service.
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Whether furnace installation Ottawa services are performed by a professional or you get a furnace service yourself, it is important to note that furnace problems are best resolved in a timely manner. As such, if your furnace starts to crack, smoke or if it produces excessive noise, get it serviced immediately. If your furnace is not fixed within a reasonable time, then it is necessary to contact a furnace installation Ottawa service that has years of furnace repair and installation experience.

Check Credentials

When choosing a furnace installation Ottawa service provider, it is important to check their credentials. It is advisable to contact the furnace service provider from the same company that handles your furnace. Also, you can talk to some of their previous customers. The furnace service provider should have a license number. They should also be able to provide you with some references from previous customers.

Compare Prices

Once you are satisfied with the furnace installation Ottawa service provider, you can start checking the price. In fact, furnace installation Ottawa companies are usually quite competitive in their pricing. They usually offer competitive furnace price quotations so you can get an idea on how much they will charge for furnace installation and then make your decision. You can also inquire whether the furnace service provider will deduct the furnace price from the bill so that you won’t end up paying more than you have to.

Nowadays, the Internet is filled with websites offering furnace installation Ottawa services. You can even find online videos of furnace installation Ottawa providers doing the job. Indeed, furnace problems are inevitable. Therefore, you should do your homework and get a reliable furnace service provider in Ottawa. With a reliable furnace installation service in Canada, your furnace would last longer and the productivity of your office or business can increase.


How Care Engineering Machines Will Decrease Your Costs and Save You Time

If you run a precision parts business, you will find out the cost of making and manufacturing those parts. Chances are, you are looking for a variety of methods that can help you cut costs and minimize the time required for each project. If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that advancements in precision Engineering Machines provide solutions. Read on to find out how.

There is no human error

One of the most expensive aspects of Engineering Machines is the cost of human error. While every effort can be made to reduce the risk of human error, ultimately people are people and mistakes happen. The development of computer-controlled CNC machines has now allowed us to manufacture parts with high precision without the risk of human error.

There is a rapid production

There is no doubt that a machine can make production much faster, and the better the technology in that machine, the faster the machine can produce what you need. With precision machining, you can benefit from highly accurate designs and fast turnaround times on projects. This way, you can focus more on completing those important projects.

Less waste

During the design process, expensive materials are often used to make high-quality parts. It is rare to use all of the ingredients, and some of them will be wasted permanently. There is also waste related to human error and substandard spare parts. Precision machining can reduce the amount of wasted material. This can result in significant savings on your expenses

There is a faster assembly

Manual mounting is another area where your time can be wasted. For large projects, the assembly time can add days to the total project duration. If you use modern precision machines, you will enjoy the benefits of automatic assembly. Automated assembly is much more efficient and accurate than human assembly of your parts.

Be smaller and more accurate

The main benefit of using a modern Engineering Machines is the extra dimension it adds to your business. You can work on more complex and complex projects that require parts to be manufactured to precise and detailed specifications. You can create a wide variety of components, from the smallest to the largest, meaning you can take on projects you once had to turn down.

Features Of A Good And Functional Projector

The projector is becoming a need day by day in every institution and professional atmosphere.  One cannot see a place where presentations and seminars take place and it is without a projector. A projector has become a basic need of such places. They need it in different events and various types of occasions when a presentation or visual expression is required.  The function of a projector is to make sure that all of the images, are shown on the screen of it with 100% clarity and focus. In many of the big cities like London, New York, etc. they usually hire the projectors for many different benefits. Although, if it’s a projector rental London or New York, they are expected to function the same way for the best show of the event.

Some companies and institutions use the old types of projectors while some use the new ones. They use it for the surety of this whole scenario that only depends upon their event types. For example, if it’s just a simple class presentation or a lecture, they can use it as the old projector type., On the other hand, if the event needs the best quality projectors that can show the best quality images, they usually use the high quality, most trending, and the best projectors in town. Why so?

It is only due to the reason that such a big and huge mega event gathers the audiences who come with the hope that they will be impressed with the whole seminar. They come to see the products, presentations, and services that they can avail of that specific company. Therefore, they tend to get a projector that shows them clear visuals. The projector attracts their eyes by the quality image provided by the visuals. This will not only attract the customers but also, they will avail the services and the set targets can be achieved this way as well. Some companies get the projector by hiring and some buy, no matter how big or small a city is, such places always need on whether it’s a projector rental London or New York, etc.

Let’s See Which Places Take A Lot Of Usage Of The Projector And In What Ways!

In The Institutions

This is a place with high-intensity usage of this product. They actually use the projector for the presentations of students. They also use it to provide the lectures on this big projector screen to make the whole class understand and see whatever is written there. They are almost placed in every classroom of a university and college. Therefore, the use is getting increasing day by day in institutions.

In the offices

The offices are the place where meetings are held often. Whether it’s a big company or a small one, they all need a good meeting room where they can call a meeting whenever they want and present the problems and solutions on a good projector screen.

Therefore, companies are hiring and getting their projectors and such necessary equipment arranged managed by event management companies like ems-events. Such places always provide a good guaranteed arrangement of what is required.

3 Salient Features of Using a Plasma Screen in Your Event

These screens are used to present a perfect and clear vision to the audience. One of the best examples of the use of plasma scree is when you go to any concerts or festivals. You have to see a big screen there that is placed on the are far from the stage. Plasma Screen Hire are used to show in any kind of presentation such as in boardrooms, conferences, events, and exhibitions

Why Use Plasma Screens?

When there is a large number of people attending your event or festival, they have no chance to look onto the stage. In this case, you may use to place a plasma screen to give ease to your audience in having a clear vision. The screen shows all the things that are happening on the stage. The audience who is unable to reach the stage or look over there can be benefitted from it. No matter if they cannot see on the stage properly but they can see on the plasma screens.


You must have to know about the features of any plasma screen that you are going to place.

1.    Size of the Plasma Screen:

The size of the plasma screen should be appropriate. It means that it is providing a clear vision to everybody attending the event. As we know there is a huge crowd available at any event. So, the plasma screen you are going to hire must have an appropriate size to give the proper coverage to the audience. Somehow it depends on the size of your audience and the size of the place in which you are going to organize your event.

  1. Find the Appropriate Space to Place:

If you are getting the services of Plasma Screen Hire You can place it on the video walls. So, it will give coverage to a large number of audiences in your event. Find the appropriate space to place them to give proper and clear coverage to everyone attending the event. They can give coverage within the room or outside the room as well.

3.    Proper Vision in an Awkward Shape Room:

If you are going to arrange your event in an awkwardly shaped room, it will be helpful for you. Because the audience is unable to have a proper vision in that case, so they need additional visibility. In this case, you may use to place plasma screens on the videowalls.

Packing it Up!

Plasma screens are the best and can be easily installed anywhere. You can place them inside the building or outside the planning based on the area of your event. They are light weighted and portable as well so no need to worry about containing their weight anywhere. You just have the one for your event that will give your audience a better experience. That you can give if you hire the services of Av Productions for the coverage of your event. As they are providing high-quality services in this field.