What is the Domain Risk Score?

If you wish to check the domain risk score and threat analysis for the mail server domain you would like to verify, please enter it in the search box above.

With this free domain lookup tool, you can determine if the domain has been used in fraud, abuse, malware, phishing, and any other unwanted actions. Domain threat data is analyzed by IPQS based on hundreds of millions of daily transactions and extensive client feedback. Domain reputation issues could also be caused by IP reputation issues, which you can check.

What Are the Benefits of Domain Reputation Analysis?

Mail domains provide a good initial overview of the email address reputation. There is a high probability of fake and duplicate email accounts resulting from disposable or high-risk email providers. It is necessary to treat user registrations from domains in this category as fraud, and with a robust API it is possible to filter account sign ups in real-time. IPQS offers advanced email reputation screening tools to detect bot traffic and fraudulent sign ups.

Is it Possible to Verify an Individual Email Address?

You can use IPQS free email verifier to verify an email address and find out if it’s valid and delivers. Using this check, we can determine the health of an email address, such as when the domain was first registered and when the email address first appeared in IPQS poses threats to users. In addition to risk analysis data points, an email address and corresponding mail domain can also be evaluated.

Reputation of a domain affects email deliverability?

Definitely. The domain reputation is used by all major email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, and many others to identify spam and abusive senders. Use our free email SPAM check to determine if your email domain reputation could be affecting email deliverability. Use the lookup tool to determine the health of your domain. The reputation of a domain can be greatly improved by regularly cleaning email lists, especially those that are older.

Why you should look for a Pune Property Online

The demand for properties is nationwide, but when it comes to specifics of the state Pune as a city has been in high demand. This is because of the increasing career opportunities in the state, as well as there is value for money in Pune. People in their 30s are more likely to shift to a city like Pune because of good career opportunities. In the article, we will discuss why Pune can be your ideal destination for buying a property. 

Reasons you should look for a Pune property online

1.  Excellent Infrastructure– the infrastructure of Pune is suitable to live in, the weather as well is good to live in as compared to north and south states. Most properties provide luxurious amenities like a kids’ play area, swimming pool, lawn tennis etc. Some homes cater to every budget type with a good infrastructure. 

2 . Price appreciation – some key areas whose demand is increasing gradually have seen a price appreciation of 13%. Areas like wagholi are one of them. So for an investment purpose as well, it is beneficial to invest in a property in Pune. Investing in a property at this stage can fetch you good returns in the future. 

3.  Boom in real estate development – the real estate sector has seen a boom in Pune lately. There are more than 50,000 flats available that are ready to move in and more than 8,000 under construction. Pune will be the next developed city in India that will experience a high growth rate. 

Pune is a hub that attracts many in terms of career opportunities. These people generally come looking for a property at an affordable rate also that provides value in terms of amenities as well. So to make your search for properties in Pune easier, Kalsi estate is here to provide services for the search of properties by providing a platform to see properties, shortlist them according to your convenience and start living in your dream property. 

Why choose Kalsi estate?

1.  Filters– we offer customisations about which you can choose what kind of property you want: the size ( number of rooms), budget, ready to move in or under construction. We offer property search in 8+ cities, Pune being one of them. 

2 . Talk to an Expert- you can book a free consultation or call our experts to know more about a particular property; we are always here to address your concerns or doubts you might have related to the property. We don’t charge any brokerage and offer a good amount of property discounts. 

3 . Assistance in home loans- many people require a home loan while purchasing a property but are unable to get one because of high rates of interest or lack of approachability. Kalsi estate helps in determining the eligibility of a home loan and also provides partial assistance when it comes to home loans. 


These features ensure that you buy your dream property smoothly without any hassles. The process has been made as simple as possible. When it comes to Pune, the property rates are reasonable and affordable with good amenities. Especially in a city like Pune, which is one of the best cities to live in because of the weather and safety, you can’t miss this opportunity, with that we announce Pune property for sale. So don’t wait and head over to kalsi estate’s website to know more. 

If you are looking for settlement options, you should consider Pune because of the reasons given above. Kalsi estate is here to provide you with a platform to look for properties in Pune. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website for more information. 
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Holiday Destination Spain

1954 saw the very first bundle holidaymakers to arrive on the Costa Brava. It’s difficult to envision how things probably different from that point forward. This spearheading gathering of explorers remained in a little town with just a modest bunch of family run lodgings. There were no banks or different conveniences and one nearby shop could change secured checks.

Today Spanish the travel industry is large business; no other country in Europe engages such countless vacationers every year. Practically the whole southern coast has been opened up to the movement business. In the mid 1980’s it was Torremolinos and Malaga which were the popular spots to visit. Directly down the coast street from Torremolinos is Benalmadena, frequently named by local people as Torremolinos MKII, where Torremolinos was permitted to become indiscriminate, Benalmadena had somewhat more preparation. The marina when completed won the honor for most gorgeous marina on the planet for a considerable length of time. The popular 24 hour square or Plaza Sol y Mar to give its genuine name actually stays a nightlife mecca for youthful Spain Golf Holidays visiting the Costa del Sol.

Nowadays practically the whole Costa del Sol is a vacationer safe house, large numbers of the first, immediately developed inns have been eliminated and new, present day and extravagant retreats supplant them. The Costa Brava has additionally seen significant re-advancement as the first convenience raised hurriedly to house the droves of travelers running to the region in the 1970’s have been supplanted with probably the best hotels tracked down in Europe.

Who can make reference to a Spanish occasion without referencing the Golf? There are more than 300 elite courses along the coast, a significant number of them framing part of a hotel. Green charges are by and large much lower than the UK, albeit a portion of the better courses, generally planned by undeniably popular golf players, mirror their top notch in the cost you pay to play.

Spain isn’t about sun and sand, the cosmopolitan town of Barcelona decidedly overflows over with character and is a brilliant objective for a short city break from the UK. Flights are for the most part cheap and convenience choices are changed. On the off chance that engineering is your thing, Barcelona is an ideal city for you. Not exclusively will you find Gaudi here however numerous pioneer pieces by such individuals as Puig I Cadafalch and Domenech I Montaner.

Heading out to Spain is simple and modest; flights are frequently more affordable than a train venture inside the UK. Astonishing arrangements can be had particularly while booking last moment. Practically all significant UK visit administrators have items to suit an enormous scope of explorers.

As a superb European getaway destination Spain conveys a ‘no need to relive that’ sort of disposition. Yet again initially committing numerous errors as it endeavored to take care of the practically short-term sprout in the travel industry, it has now refined its contributions and sits at the first spot on the list as a European travel objective. Regardless sort of occasion you are searching for Spain has everything, from the abundant. Untainted sea shores of the Costa Brava, the quant white towns of Andalucía to the powerful nightlife of Barcelona and Madrid you will undoubtedly track down something to your desire for a Spanish occasion.

Nothing Was Handed To Me. I Was Made To Understand The Meaning Of Blood, Sweat, And Tears, ” Realist Wisdom From Garnett Phillip.

Despite the economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 88% of black and Latino entrepreneurs in the United States have recorded unprecedented performance in their businesses in the last 12 months. While nearly nine in 10 entrepreneurs met or exceeded their performance expectations last year, almost all worry it was due to increased short-term attention. 73% experienced moderate to significant business growth, and 77% anticipate additional growth during 2022 compared to 2021. 

Black business owners are subjected to harsh and even humiliating experiences fueled by racism and sexism on top of the daily challenges of building a business. While 88% said a strong focus on racial equity had increased the attention to their business, this has allowed them to invest in their business in ways they might not have otherwise through product innovation, infrastructure improvement, and hiring. Our one such victor is Garnett Phillip, one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, mother, and wife from Brooklyn, NYC, and a proud owner of The Rogers Garden- a Rum Bar located in the heart of Brooklyn.

 Nevertheless, the brutal reality is that nothing was handed to Garnett. She was made to understand the meaning of blood, sweat, and tears. Yes, that’s Garnett Phillip for you- a woman who has carved her niche as a successful entrepreneur despite the uphill battle she has been through. Today, Garnett stands proud, and so we are!

Garnett Phillip owes her success to resources, advice, institutional support in the early stages, better representation among decision-makers, and support from her community. This is how she emerged as one of the steadfast black-owned business initiators.

Garnett Phillip tells how Black Business Owners can Thrive in NYC but Need Greater Resources

COVID-19 has caused a reduction in business for many entrepreneurs in schedule changes, a decrease in the number of clients, and closures. Black entrepreneurs have been hit especially hard by the pandemic: In the first five months, business ownership for this group fell at a faster rate. Meanwhile, the social unrest that followed the police killings of black people like George Floyd has seen local businesses suffer additional damage. Business owners of color grapple with the mental anguish of seeing others like them lose their jobs and lives.

We African Americans make up 44% and 15% of New York’s population, respectively, but own only 6% and 4% of employers in the city and 30% and 13% of non-employers. The local focus in recent years has been on encouraging these entrepreneurs, both by the city federation and other institutions and community efforts. Still, we often hear in our reports that funding opportunities, networks, and other resources are harder to access if you’re a person of color.

Garnett Phillip Speaks of the Challenges she Faced Growing her businesses in NYV in 2020

Garnett Phillip explains support and growth are what she needed most. And why not?

 Some adversities emerged from the pandemic, some related to the past year’s difficulties, and others were more systemic. They said it had been consistently difficult to gain access to capital. Other founders pondered how they could achieve further growth after initial success. For many, staying solvent amid a pandemic became their biggest challenge. And they were dealing with the social upheaval that had been brewing for years provided an additional layer of duress.

As the virus raged, Garnett made a surreal entry into the lives of people used to working on their terms and now thrown into new circumstances that present something of an existential crisis. Conversations about their career path sometimes turned emotional and even sad as she discussed the systemic inequities that might have prevented them from succeeding.

Garnett sees resources for African-American entrepreneurs, and successful Latinos already exist. They aren’t affordable or visible enough for everyone who needs them. The organizations that provide these resources must work to meet the needs. Finding ways to vend when African Americans and their allies needed a tangible sense of community was a challenge she worked quickly to solve.

Garnett Recalls Institutional Support in the Early Stages

Having access to chambers of commerce and other professional organizations in the earliest stages of business planning can be a huge advantage for Black and Latino entrepreneurs striving for success.

Garnett Philip of The Rogers Garden is a magical retreat to connect, have fun, relax, and enjoy the Caribbean vibes. It is Garnet’s passion to reap the island vibes in NYC. However, she wishes she had known about the benefit of social media when The Rogers Garden was still in the planning stages — an aspect to consider.

“What Challenges have you Overcome, and what Challenges do you Still Face?

I have come across performativity, diversity, equity, and inclusion, where stakeholders have discovered that it is their burden to devote time and resources to these initiatives. 

Garnett says, celebrate your success! Don’t look back, and keep learning, believing, and exploring

 My work focuses on the co-creation of leadership, life management, and entrepreneurship and every day is worth it.

Shout out the positives and praise a new idea as loudly as possible. Provide constructive feedback in private and help improve the product with real thoughts and suggestions. Nothing beats getting a new customer or finding a way to improve your product or service.

Garnett knows that Black entrepreneurs face more barriers than the average business owner, particularly when it comes to financing. In fact, due to systemic barriers, black-owned businesses tend to generate less revenue than their white counterparts. Solutions to this problem could include better and more equitable financial instruments, such as micro-credit to support the growth and viability of these businesses. And she thinks the ecosystem can help change this.

Black founders are over-oriented and under-funded.

 In addition to funding, underrepresented (early-growth) founders need belief offered to other founders, follow-on investments, introductions, resources, and a safe space to air issues. Garnett figured out how to do so much with so little and leveraged all help to focus solely on revenue, success, and customer case studies. 

Garnett Philip Sets her Rules to Accomplish an Entrepreneurial Mindset

So what are the advantages of entrepreneurship? The experience of responsibility, despite representing challenges, is very enriching on a professional and personal level. Garnett Philip tells the reaping benefits:

  • It offers the possibility of developing a rewarding career that will fill you with pride.
  • Allows you to perform with autonomy and flexibility by choosing the time and place of work.
  • Opportunity to acquire valuable leadership experiences.
  • Building a beneficial network of contacts
  • You can apply your creativity. 

What is the Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Garnett says an entrepreneurial mindset is the set of skills that enable you to identify and make the most of opportunities and overcome and learn from setbacks to achieve success in a variety of settings.

Whether you are looking to create or grow your own business or want to join a company, having an entrepreneurial mindset is essential. Employers value the entrepreneurial mindset, allowing you to increase your achievements and even your academic performance. 

How to Achieve an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

To be successful, entrepreneurs always seek to be clear about their objectives. They carry out planning and capture them to keep them in mind. They also constantly evaluate their strategies and decisions to ensure they are on the right track. Try to keep your goals in mind and establish systems to achieve them.

Entrepreneurs recognize that time is their most valuable resource, so they protect and manage it effectively. To plan your business, you must start with yourself. Plan ahead to increase your achievements.

When establishing, implementing, and evaluating strategies, always keep in mind the results you want to achieve. This will allow you to have extraordinary clarity and keep moving forward regardless of obstacles

Most people make life and career decisions based on emotions and assumptions. Outstanding entrepreneurs base their decisions on facts.

Try to access the largest amount of reliable information about your business and make accurate decisions based on data and real facts.

An important difference between successful entrepreneurs and those who are not so successful is that the former are convinced of offering products and services of great value to their clients. This allows them to tirelessly strive to make their business benefit as many people as possible and recognize its significance for the community around them.

Entrepreneurs know the importance of being efficient, so they have a constantly evolving mentality to adapt to market changes. They continuously educate themselves and gain experiences that will lead them to the goals they set for themselves. This gives a confidence boost and higher self-esteem.

Entrepreneurs, especially those who are starting, know that they have limited resources, and that is why they learn to focus their efforts on clear objectives and avoid dispersion at all costs.

 As some goals are achieved, or more resources are obtained, some entrepreneurs end up dispersing their efforts, and it is at this point that some of their companies become stagnant.

Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that they must develop their businesses individually. The reality is that the help of a mentor or a friend, or a business associate to achieve your goals can greatly accelerate your progress.

Self-knowledge is Probably one of the Most Important Strengths of Garnett Phillips

Garnett pointed out that self-knowledge translates into valuing yourself more. This allows you to become an expert in the area of your choice. If you do not understand and respect yourself, no one else certainly will. After all, those who understand and appreciate themselves are better able to understand and appreciate others.

Garnett Phillips deems fostering relationships with her co-players to help them become positive action leaders. 


Sell Your House and Rent one with Joshua – Why Renting is Better than Owning a Home?

Owning a house is anyone’s ultimate dream. However, the circumstances don’t work in everyone’s favor, and hence many people opt for renting a place. But what if we said that renting a house is a better option than buying your own house? It is no secret that the ever-rising inflation has made almost everyone’s life challenging. Though a section of society prefers investing in their own house, many usually opt for a rented space as it is easier on their pockets, helps improve their finances and, most importantly, saves them a lot of money. 

Whether you are planning to sell or buy a house or are on the lookout for a rented house, it is essential to seek consultation with an expert financial advisor before taking the plunge. Joshua Krafchick is one such person who can show you the right path if you have set your heart on renting a house. Apart from that, he can help you make the right decision if you want to sell your house and explain the nuances of renting a space and how it is better than owning a house. 

The best part is that Krafchick provides his clients with various options that suit the customers’ existing financial profiles while keeping an eye on the future. When it comes to building strategies, he is the perfect man for the job as he will explain in detail which option will be more profitable to the customer in the long run. To put it in simple words, he will help you increase your savings.

Money and finances are extremely complicated topics, and although we all want to be experts, many people often get lost in all the technicalities and sometimes end up losing money. In this case, a qualified financial advisor can advise you on how to break down the complicated mesh of the financial world along with helping you make good decisions.

Having studied Actuarial Science, he is an expert in assessing financial risks in the insurance and finance fields through mathematical and statistical methods. He knows how to use the mathematics of probability and statistics to help him analyze the financial implications of uncertain future events. This knowledge gives Krafchick an edge over others, and he is able to provide financial advice and guidance to those who need it the most. 

So, it won’t be an understatement to say that he is the go-to person if you are planning to rent a house. He will not only give you financial advice but will also tell you how to manage money to reach realistic financial goals. Moreover, he will help you find a rented place that you can afford and still save money. Now that’s certainly a great deal!

While there are advantages of buying a house, similarly, renting a house also has its fair share of pros. For starters, tenants don’t have to spend on repairs and maintenance of the house; this is the landlord’s responsibility entirely. All you have to do is call the landlord and get the work done without putting a dent in your wallet. Sometimes owning a house often means you are carrying deadweight capital. Therefore, Krafchick also guides homeowners going through a monetary crisis to sell their homes and opt for renting a house, along with how the saved amount can be used appropriately.

When one goes to rent a space, they get many amenities within the rent and, as a result, they tend to lead a better and more comfortable life. In fact, when looking around for a rented apartment or house, you have the freedom to choose what you prefer. Renting a place means you don’t have to give a huge amount like down payment for the house, which is definitely a plus. As a renter, you pay a security deposit and the first and last month’s rent – which, compared to the down payment, is relatively lesser, and you don’t have to pay a big chunk of money all at once. 

As an expert in the field, Joshua Krafchick knows the market in and out and hence can assist you in bargaining and not paying too much for something that is not worth it. He can help select a rented space in a location that meets the customers’ requirements. This is surely an advantage that renters have as they can choose to live wherever they want. Just make sure to trust your financial advisor when they tell you when is an excellent time to sell the house and how renting a house is easy on the economy.

6 Tips You Need to Know About the Lost Ark

Smilegate and Amazon Games have released Lost Ark, a multiplayer online game. The highly expected game includes a high view, lots of loot, an incredibly complex story, and other MMORPG tropes. You may easily become overwhelmed by all of the systems presented to you if you’re just starting with Lost Ark.

Whereas the game maintains a good pace, the personalization options, different classes, number of options, and vast world of Arkesia can also be overpowering. Here are some basic Lost Ark tips and strategies to keep in mind before getting started.

  • Don’t misuse your abilities

In almost all games, using your attacks in rapid succession is a strategy for disaster, but this is particularly true in Lost Ark. Some of the initial missions may probably be completed without very much effort. Still, you’ll soon need to understand the complexities of every skill in your Hotbar. Learning which talents have a long cooldown, how ones knock enemies back, and also which ones take a lot of time to perform is important to your success – repeating every ability as soon as it comes off cooldown is a guaranteed way to lose a battle.

  • Try out different setups

You’ll also want to experiment with your current setup and talents and develop new ones. Lost Ark makes upgrading your build simple (and free), so take advantage of it to discover a layout that suits your playstyle. Most classes are quite adaptable and may be used in many ways, so don’t be scared to switch up your character dramatically.

  • Make alternate accounts

Take a little time to create alternate characters and discover what Lost Ark has to provide because each class has a different set of skills and favorite playstyles. You don’t want to put 100 hours into such a Warrior just to realize you enjoy playing as a Mage.

  • Turn on Triports

The world of Arkesia is big. Your mount can support you in exploring specific maps. However, Triports are the most effective way to travel long distances. Make sure you activate all of the gateways you come over. Note that they don’t turn on because you’re close by; you have to interact with them directly before they work.

  • Make your pets better

Lost Ark does not waste any time presenting you with loot. Trying to pick up and arrange all those things gets tedious soon until you have a pet. Simply equipping a pet allows them to start picking up everything competitors drop. Still, you can increase their abilities even further by going into the Pet Menu and instructing them on what kind of stuff to pick up. It’s a great feature that you should understand before your inventory begins to overflow.

  • Concentrate on Trade Skills

Trade Skills aren’t unlocked unless you’ve spent some time with Lost Ark. However they rapidly become a valuable source of silver. They can take an excessively long time to level. You’ll be given a certain quantity of energy per day, and once you’ve used it up, you won’t be able to conduct Trade Skill tasks. As a result, you should get started on the leveling process. It begins as necessary. In addition to becoming a fun break from the typical mix of missions and battles, they’re now one of the effective ways to build rich in the world of Lost Ark.

7 Tips for Getting Started with Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft has been around since 2009 and since then it has been the best-selling video game for kids and adults over the internet. Video game lovers can collaborate online and play together with bigger and better things. They can play online with multiple players however, connecting on public servers while playing with other players cannot define the favorite or known players. Children and adults could be connected to anyone anywhere online using the Minecraft server. But setting up your own server players can know who they are connected to and playing to. For parents, it is very important to know who their child is interacting and playing with. Thus this article is for the parents and concerned adults who want to know to whom they are connected.

This article defines the flow of how to get started with our own Minecraft Server Hosting.

  • Check the Latest Version of Java 

As Minecraft is a Java-based game, the first step is to ensure that Java is installed with the latest version. Otherwise, download Java from this link.

  • Download Minecraft

After that, Minecraft server files need to be installed which can be downloaded free from the official Minecraft website. 

  • Download the latest Minecraft server file given on the website. 
  • Once downloaded, copy the file into a new folder on the desktop and call this folder any name but in this article, we are naming it “Minecraft Server”.
  • The next step is to run the server file by double-clicking it. Few errors will load along with some new files. To fix these perform the steps below.
  • Launch Minecraft
  • Create a new text document/file inside the server folder and name it “RUN”.
  • Open the text file and paste the following command

1 cmd /k java ‐Xms1G ‐Xmx1G ‐jar minecraft_server.1.XX.jar 

(Replace XX with the server file version downloaded )

  • Save the file as a batch with the extension of “.bat” (RUN.bat)
  • In the Minecraft Server folder, a file named “eula.txt’ would have been created. The file needs to be set with two arguments as 

 eula=false to eula=true 

  • Open the file, add the above line and save the file.
  • Now run the RUN.bat file to launch the Minecraft server. The server will be successfully running and displaying :
    • Memory consumption of the server in the stats section. 
    • Names of the players who are connected to the server are in the Players section.
    • server messages in the Log section
    • players messages in the Log and Chat section.
    • Field to run server commands 
  • Join Server

Type Minecraft in the server Command field, and a window will be prompted, click on the main menu with the “Multiplayer” option. Then

    • Click “Add Server.” 
      • Add Name of server”Server Name”. 
      • Add “localhost” in the “Server Address”. 
  • Select server and click “Join Server.” 
  • Server Configuration

Server configurations require a lot of focus and setting but here we will be focusing on the core configurations that will help in running the server.

  •  query.port setting is an important configuration that is forwarded to the local router to allow other inbound connections. 
  • Find External IP for your computer so others can connect to your server. 
  • Connect to your Server

After configuring the server settings click on Multiplayer from the main screen.

  • Click “Add Server.” 
  • Enter Server Name and Server Address (IP address followed by port number) 
  • Click “Done”. Minecraft will connect the server
  • Once Connected, select your server and join it by clicking “Join”.
  1.  Modify properties File 

In the Minecraft Server folder, there is a text file named “Server.properties” modifying a few properties in this text file will change the game settings. It is according to the player to set these game properties. The following are the most common properties that users might want to modify: 

  • gamemode=0: changing this to 1 will put the server in creative mode.
  • max‐players=20: This defines how many players can join the server at one time and can be increased or decreased according to the player’s choice. 
  • Difficulty mode sets the difficulty of the server; it can be either easy, normal, or hard.

Once the above instructions are followed one will have their own server configured. One can share connection information with anyone and ask them to play together. This configuration is for one time, after which the Minecraft server will run at one click on the bat file created in step 2 to run the server and enjoy the game again with friends.


Suggestions for Passing PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I) Certification

I recently obtained the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification from Scrum.org with a score of 95% on the first attempt. I specify that I did not attend any training beforehand, relying only on my experience and good preparation for the exam. Through this article, I would like to share with you my experience in preparing for this certification.

After 4 years of experience in the world of agility, I decided to have my knowledge of Scrum recognized through an official and recognized certification. After a comparative research of existing certifications, my choice fell on the Professional Scrum Master certification.

One of the positive elements of the PSM I certification is that it naturally assesses your knowledge. It is not necessary to attend a mandatory training beforehand (although it is advisable). The cost of the assessment is $150, which is very reasonable compared to other certifications on the market.

I started by following the advice and feedback of other people who had passed and passed the PSM I certification before me, just like you reading this article. It is nevertheless important to remember that your state of mind vis-à-vis Scrum as well as your experience are the best assets to pass the PSM I certification.

There are many Scrum professionals around the world. Although some of them doubt the need to have a Scrum Master certification, it seems interesting to me to enhance and have their skills recognized. We will not discuss the subject further, as it has already been covered in another article.

Read the Scrum Guide all over the place

The best advice anyone can give is to read the Scrum Guide up and down, written by Ken Schwaber (founder of Scrum.org and co-creator of Scrum) and Jeff Sutherland (co-creator of Scrum ). All the theory and definitions of Scrum are contained in the 19 pages of the Scrum Guide (16 pages for the English version). Personally, I have found this Guide to be an excellent document. This digest of Scrum presents only the fundamental elements that you absolutely must know to use Scrum.

I printed the latest version of the Scrum Guide and highlighted the keywords that seemed important to me. If you have not already done so, read the guide for the first time and you will realize that it is easy to understand and only takes a little time to complete in full (about fifteen minutes at most). However, keep in mind that each sentence carries essential information. Even if it is important to know what is written, it is even more important to understand its meaning by knowing why what is written, is written. Read it regularly and apply yourself to understanding every word of the document as a whole.

When I have my first training test (Open Assessment), the result of this one was not the best. I then hastened to read the Scrum Guide again to understand the reason for this discrepancy. I was then surprised not to have found the exact answer in the Scrum Guide. However, when I resumed reading more slowly, paying attention to the meaning, while keeping the test questions in mind, I really understood the meaning of the words in the guide. Although it is easier said than done, you will need to change your mindset to get Scrum certification and other certifications like PMP certification as well.

Must to Read Books for Every Graduate Job Seeker

Do you have a degree and are seeking for a job that is related to your field? By brushing up on your knowledge, you’ll have a better shot of getting a job and improving your odds of landing one. For fresh graduates who are eager to make their first steps in the corporate world, here are some pointers with some additional hints on how to get started. The majority of the job hunting resources you’ll find online are in blog form, but that’s not always a bad thing. Some fantastic advice will be given, but it will be pared down to just a few layers.

The neighbourhood book shop is the finest spot to delve further into career-advancing ideas. We’ve put together a list of some of the best books for graduate students looking for a job:

Resume Magic

However, a resume or CV is still an essential part of any job search in the current digital world. The author of this book is a resume-writing expert. In this book, you will learn how to transform your resume from a dry, factual document into a very engaging and entertaining one.

Around 600 pages are in the book. In other words, if you want your CV to be the most interesting to hiring managers, you’ll need a lot of space. With this book, you will be able to write an impressive CV on your own.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers

Four novels are included in the bundle. A primary goal of the course is to help you become fully prepared for some of the most difficult interviews you will ever face. Two volumes of interview questions are included at the book’s beginning. An interviewer’s perspective is explained in detail in the book’s designated chapters. An example response is also given. In addition to this, you’ll get helpful advice on the most popular interviewing methods.

Volume three of the book contains advice on how to approach the interviewers and what questions you should be asking them. The last portion focuses on telephonic interviews and video-based interviews, which are discussed in more detail.

What Colour is Your Parachute?

More than 10 million copies of the title have been sold. Additionally, the title is revised every year. It is Boles’ goal in this motivational book to provide as much detail as possible on how to obtain the job of your dreams. If you’re looking for career advice, you’ve come to the right place with this book. Aside from that, this book was considered to be among the first volumes to provide readers guidance on how to get a job in the workforce.

Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success

If you want a successful job, you must pay attention to your interpersonal interactions. To be successful in both your professional and personal life, you need to pay attention to such details whether you’re mingling with colleagues or doing business with customers. Using the Dalai Lama and Bill Clinton as examples of influential people, the author of the book goes on to illustrate how you, too, may put these tactics to work for yourself.

If you need to build a network or achieve influence in your job, this book is a must-read. Advice given in the book may easily be implemented into one’s daily routine. Inquiring minds want to know: Are you an introvert who struggles to maintain social ties? Even if you don’t feel like talking to someone right now, the title of this book will make it easier to do so in the future.

Getting Things Done -The Art of Stress-free Productivity

The overarching goal is to increase your productivity in all areas of your life. In today’s highly competitive economy, it is imperative that businesses maximize their productivity.

Since then, the book has been reissued many times. Allen went ahead and rewrote the book’s title to give it a more contemporary and emotional feel. Personal, organizing abilities, or if you are feeling overwhelmed in your personal life or work, you may use this book to bring things under control.

The Confidence Code

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the rise of powerful males in the business world, then this book is for you. The author discusses a variety of methods in which women might build their confidence in the workplace.

All Rookie Bettors Need to Know about NBA Handicapping | Sportshandicapper100

If you are a sports enthusiast, you must be aware of the fact how much excitement betting adds up in the games, especially when we head towards finals. The NBA is one of the most popular sports betting options on the board. Certain bettors only surface during the Playoffs to make a couple of wagers, and then you’ll have those who follow every single move an NBA team makes. Due to a lack of knowledge and guidance, beginner bettors struggle to make a big profit despite 30 teams playing 82 games in a regular NBA season.

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A regular NBA season runs for five months, providing the bettors with countless opportunities, but many still fail to capitalize on it. Several bettors face a tough time growing their bankroll, so you are not the only one. Consistently picking winners in the pro games is not an easy task. The biggest problem with amateur bettors is that they don’t take full advantage of the available information. Sportshandicapper100 is a professional handicapper who handicaps various sports, including NBA, NFL, and MLB. He shared some NBA betting tips for the rookie bettors.

Understanding the Odds

Every season of the NBA brings countless opportunities for the bettors. There are over 1300 games in each NBA season which means a massive space for betting that you can either win or lose. But you should never go for quantity alone and must keep the note on the value of the wager that you are betting on. Value is the percentage that a bettor wins on their bet relative to the given odds. 

The point of spread varies among bookies. Each bookie has a unique spread. Let’s say one bookie has put the Lakers -5.5 over the Rockets and the other one has the Lakers on -6. That half-point can alone make a difference in you winning the bet. That is when a half-point makes its value; because of it, you can have an additional 1.7% chance of winning.    

Analyze Statistical Data

With 30 teams playing over 1300 games in one NBA season, there is plenty of statistical data to work within. The goal is to identify variables that have a strong influence on the outcome of a contest and calculate your individual probabilities for each possible result. Over the years, NBA betting has evolved. NBA advanced stats allow the bettors and fans to analyze basketball numbers through objective evidence and within a specific situation. They can be classified as; Offensive Stats, Defensive Stats, Player Stats and Team Stats. With the proper application, each stat will give you enough information about players’ performances, good or bad matchups for a team, or how to adjust when a player is missing from the lineup.

An advanced team stats will show you a bigger picture than wins and losses to determine if a team is genuinely good or not. It will tell you a detailed story of what they do and don’t do so well. Points Per Possession (PPP) and Rebound Rate or rebound percentage give you a broader and more detailed picture of how a team is doing.

Home Court Advantage, Rest and Injuries

Many bettors neglect the factor of home-court advantage but in reality, it is very crucial in determining the winning team. Most teams perform well in front of their home crowd, but some like to conquer the away courts. It has been seen in previous seasons that teams prefer playing in their home courts, and they have an excellent record as compared to when they are playing in other team’s backyard. It is said that home-court advantage is worth three or four points to the point of spread.

Playing the long 82-game season means the team will go through both rough and good patches. They might be winning six games on a trot and losing the next seven because of an injury of their star performer. Basketball is a unique team sport as just a single star player can account for 30-40 percent of the team’s offensive production. When an All-Star is missing, this can be worth several points in the betting line. The current form is essential to follow. Make sure you are backing a team that is playing well and has its preferred lineup intact.  

Learn From the Professional 

Sportshandicapper100 loves to share his results and research. His Instagram is filled with the results of NBA games. As a professional handicapper, Sportshandicapper100 likes to train and help beginners. That’s why he keeps sharing his incredible winning track record online. 

Pro handicappers often do unusual things and end up getting the best results. Based on years of experience, some have developed a robust system of betting that allows them to experiment. Of course, as an emerging NBA bettor, you will develop your system in betting at some point, but it’s always good to learn from the professionals. For instance, if a pro handicapper publishes their analysis on the New Orleans Pelicans, you may look at it and compare it to your findings. You can then apply the difference to your system to make it more robust and trustworthy.

With confidence, we can say that after following these guidelines from Sportshandicapper100, you will see enormous profits in less time. Also, you can minimize your losses and maximize your winnings through research and by developing carefully thought-out strategies. So do not wait as we are heading towards the NBA playoffs; begin your research, use these tips to the fullest, and start your NBA betting journey now!