Sick And Tired Of Doing Prom Dress The Old Way? Read This

Prom is one of the most memorable moments in anyone’s life. It is the day when new memories are made that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. It is one day in the year when you’re supposed to dress up all fancy and elegant. It is one day when all your friends and loved ones come together and celebrate under one roof all the ups and downs of the year that you went through. Such a special occasion requires a unique dress too. But many a time, choosing the perfect prom dress can be a bit of a hassle because of the prominence of the occasion and the pressure that comes with it. To help you get rid of just that, Hello Molly has a variety of prom dresses to choose from to let you pick a dress that is way more unique than what would be expected from a typical prom dress and let you exude your unique style.

Here’s how you can select a prom dress that is nothing like the old and the mundane and that will make every head turn:


The classic black and blues of prom dresses are all good, but they’re also very overused and likely to be worn by every other girl. It’s time that you experiment with new colours and shades that not only fit well with your skin tone but also put you in the spotlight. Prom dresses don’t always have to be boring and follow similar colour codes, which is why Hello Molly has a huge array of options of colours of prom dresses to choose from, like the ‘Hello Molly Sparkling Fantasy Sequin Midi Dress’, ‘Hello Molly Amarelys Sequin Maxi Dress’ and many more.


Most prom dress stores out there give you a staple length of prom dresses to wear that doesn’t compliment your frame or your style. Gone are the days when you had to go by what was being sold in the stores, and it’s time you choose a prom dress that goes well with your unique values and choices to make you look like the best version of yourself. Hello Molly has a prom dress in every length ranging from a mini prom dress to maxi and midi prom dresses too. Some prom dress options in different lengths at Hello Molly are, ‘Hello Molly Sweet Destiny Mini Dress’, ‘Hello Molly Keep It On Repeat Midi Dress’, ‘Hello Molly Feels On Repeat Maxi Dress’, etc.


Sleeves are one of the most essential elements of a dress that can make or break the entire outfit. Hello Molly offers you an assorted range of options in the kind of sleeves you want in your prom dress, from long and short sleeves to sleeveless prom dresses. If you want to go for a bold look, you can go for ‘Hello Molly Pop  A Champagne Maxi Dress Gold’, or if you’re insecure about your arms and want to cover them up, you still have great options to look pretty in a prom dress with options like ‘Hello Molly Keep A lookout Dress White’.


Yes, prom is an age-old tradition, but your prom dress doesn’t have to be, right? The fashion world keeps changing, and there’s something new around the corner every other day. While most stores only give you the old and boring styles in prom dresses to choose from, at Hello Molly, you get the option to keep up with the trends by picking a prom dress that not just matches the ongoing trends but also matches your style and compliments you in the best way possible. From A Line, animal print, bodycon and backless prom dresses to knitted, Gingham, lace and floral prom dresses, Hello Molly has the best of it all. You can choose from various trendy prom dresses at Hello Molly, like ‘Hello Molly Feels On Repeat Maxi Dress’, ‘Hello Molly Feeling Rosie Dress Black’ and many more.


The days are over when you would have to follow the ‘one size fits all’ rule and try to squeeze into prom dresses that neither compliments your unique body type nor do anything to accentuate your distinctive features. A prom dress should help you highlight your best features and not your best efforts to conform to the current standard of beauty. Hello Molly has a prom dress for every girl in every size, like the ‘Hello Molly Sweet Sundae Sequin Mini Dress’ (XS), ‘Hello Molly My Solo Debut Maxi Dress’ (XL), and many more varied size options.

These are some ways you can change the way of wearing prom dresses for your next prom. From different colours, shapes and trends to sleeves and varied lengths, Hello Molly has a prom dress for all your different preferences. 

Explore Luxurious Cream Rugs by World-Leading Designers and Makers

Luxurious cream rugs are a representation of sophisticated interior design which carries a tinge of refinement, warmness, and ardor to any living area. The delicate, tepid tint of cream rugs gives an evergreen charisma that rounds out a variety of decor manners, from recent minimalism to conventional extravagance. Prepared with a thorough concentration on style, quality marker, and cloth material, these luxurious cream rugs reflect royalty and make a desired selection for today’s homeowners. The temptation of luxurious cream rugs lies not only in their graphic attraction but also in the tangible joy that they deliver. High-quality materials such as splendid fleece, smooth yarns, or trendy, eco-friendly fibers produce a grand underfoot feeling, changing spaces into cozy abodes.

In this expedition of exploration of luxurious cream rugs by the best designers and makers in the world, we will delve deep into the benefits and versatile uses that they carry to each home. Experience the combination of beauty, convenience and everlasting significance that these rugs have to deliver as we travel through the world of sophisticated interior design by world-leading designers and makers:

Miss Amara

Miss Amara is an eminent name in the world of rugs. Blending refinement and convenience and prepared with intelligent and careful exactness, the luxurious cream rugs offered at Miss Amara offer a delicate and welcoming feel to your living spaces and make you the best hosts out there. Miss Amara offers you a variety of options to choose from, be it style, shape, fabric, or cost you’re finding it difficult to settle on. Keeping the environment in mind, Miss Amara also offers you cream rugs that don’t just exude luxury but also take care of nature at the same time such as PET (rugs made up of recycled bottles), pet-friendly rugs, etc. With a variety of types of luxurious cream rugs to choose from such as Nyla Cream and Gold Tribal Shag Rug, Seda Cream Ivory and Grey Traditional Floral Rug, and much much more. Ensuring a perfect assortment of style, versatility, durability, and comfort, luxurious cream rugs at Miss Amara are the perfect choice to soothe your home decor ideas.

The Rug Company

The Rug Company is an internationally known luxury rugs business celebrated for its intricate rugs. It cooperates with well-known creators like Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood and produces specially handcrafted lavish cream rugs using premium quality textiles and exquisite designs wrapping a varied assortment of styles from conventional to trendy. The Rug Company integrates ideation and creativity to produce luxurious cream rugs as majestic elements of craft that can bring classiness to any area. 

Designer Rugs

Designer Rugs is a prominent rug company founded in Australia that works together with both regional and multinational creators to bring you the best pieces of luxurious cream rugs to boost your standard of living. These luxurious cream rugs are made of top-quality textiles and unique designs that add a flair of polish, style, and grace to any area in your home. Whether you’re a classic minimalist or someone who likes to live by the trends and enjoys a bit of flavourful fun here and there, Designer Rugs has just the right type of luxurious cream rug for you.


A prestigious name in luxury rug brands, offering you the most premium designs and intricate styles in luxurious cream rugs. Paying meticulous attention to detail and quality, Safavieh’s luxurious cream rugs won’t disappoint you when it comes to adding a dimension of luxury, royalty, and panache to your home. Safavieh brings classic elegance and royalty, and modern sensibilities and flavor together by giving your living space a vibe and feel it has never had before.

Fort Street Studio

Fort Street Studio is favored for its customized and specially hand-crafted rugs that add a layer of personalization melded with luxury and elegance to any room in your home. Made with luxurious fabrics such as silk, wool, and delicate cotton, Fort Street Studio’s luxurious cream rugs also reflect a meticulous attention to detail and quality that goes on to complement their creative exertions in giving you the best rug for your living space.


These were some of the top players in the game of luxurious cream rugs worldwide. Combining finesse and differentia, all of these world-leading brands in luxurious cream rugs never fail to provide you with the best luxurious cream rug for your space, regardless of how unique or intricate your personal choice or taste is. With a blend of creativity, quality, and inventiveness, these luxurious cream rugs add an extent of grace, intricacy, and flair to your home. 

Whether you want to go all classic and timeless or you want to have some fun experimenting with modern trends and changes, there’s a luxurious cream rug for all of your tastes at Miss Amara!


Grab the Latest Styles of Kid’s Collection At Unbeatable Prices

If you are looking for the latest and trendiest styles for your little ones, then Uniqlo is the best platform to buy the kids collection. They have the best collection of kids items that look both stylish and comfortable. From playful graphic tees to chic dresses, Uniqlo has something very special for every kid according to their taste.

They are offering high-quality fabric material and also smart designs by ensuring that your children remain confident and look classy throughout the day. Whether it is a casual wear dress or an occasional dress, Uniqlo provides the best kid collection with an array of different colors and patterns to choose from according to their taste.  

Let’s explore the latest styles of Kid’s Collection

There are various types of latest styles offered by Uniqlo for Kids’ COllection as follows:-


  • Flannel Checked Long Sleeve Shirt- They are very soft and medium-weight cotton fabric shirts that are available in a frizzy texture on one or both sides. This frizzy texture shirt comes from its loose weave characteristics. Its softness makes you feel like the perfect fabric which keeps you warm and comfortable for all winters. It can be cotton, wool, or synthetic fabric that has been gathered on one or both sides. They can be easily worn under the age of 4-14 years by both girls and boys and these are available also at a very reasonable price under Rs.1990/-. 
  • Short-Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt– These types of T-shirts are short-sleeved shirts that feature a designed element of a logo or a print. They are made from cotton and these kinds of T-shirts became popular choices for brands as they displayed an image of a group or fashion brand. Kids wore graphic t-shirts as they are soft, comfortable, and also look cute and can be worn by kids of any age. It easily expresses your values, mood, or your style. These are also available at a very reasonable price under Rs.990/-.
  • Girls Gather Camisole Blouse– A camisole blouse is considered a loose-fitting sleeve top for upper wear. This type of top featured both wider straps as well as spaghetti straps. These tops are worn by girls of all ages as they look very stylish and comfortable to wear. These tops are available at a price of under Rs. 790/-.
  • Sweat Stadium Jacket- Sweat stadium jackets are insulated jackets that reach the thighs or the knees and can be worn in cold weather conditions. This is a type of outerwear jacket generally used for layering or keeping you warm during the winter. They can be made up of different fabrics like cotton, and wool which can reflect your stylish looks. These jackets are available at a price of under Rs 3000/- and are also available for both categories of kids’ collections. 
  • Girl’s Jumper skirts– Jumper skirts are a kind of skirts that are sleeveless or collarless dresses worn by girl kids over shirts, t-shirts, or sweaters. It is very easy to wear and attached to the front panel. Mostly denim material jumpers are available in the market and these can be easily dressed up or down. These are available at the price of around Rs.2000/-.


  • Kids Extra Stretch Long Sleeve Sweatshirt- These types of sweatshirts are available for both girls and boys as they are very easy and comfortable to wear. These are generally worn in winter and are made up of another type of fabric which keeps us warm during the winters. These are available at the price of Rs.1990/- for both the kid’s collection. 
  • Kids Extra Stretch Soft Jeans(Zip Fly)– These popular styles of jeans are skinny jeans available in the kid’s collections as they are made up of a mixture of cotton, polyester, lycra, etc. to create the effect. These stretch jeans are very comfortable to wear while their non-stretch parts are known for their rigid feel when it comes to movement. They are mainly at a price of Rs.1490/-.
  • Kids Twill Easy Shorts– These shorts are made up of durable twill fabric which is a type of cotton weave that is of extra durable quality. It is an elastic waistband for comfort and ease of movement. It is very comfortable to wear and available at reasonable prices under Rs.590/-.

In conclusion, the Uniqlo Kids collection provides a well-rounded range of clothing items that cater to both the preferences of parents and their children. Clothing style, and quality, make it a standout choice of the kid’s collection after making both parents and children satisfied with their purchases. Hence, Uniqlo is the best platform to opt for the latest style of kids collection by checking the outfits of all the clothes according to their own choices. If you want to explore more styles, kindly visit uniqlo for the latest kids collection.

Fabrics That You Must Explore And Try In The Rainy Season!

This is amazing weather after the hot summer. There are so many people who really love this weather, and you can also find some of the people who really don’t like this  weather, as there are so many drawbacks to this month. Continuous rain can cancel most of the plans and be dangerous for some of the period as well. So during heavy rains, we have to look for normal weather and then follow the plan. Sitting in the corner of the window and enjoying the weather is the best thing to do in this season, and it makes me feel so much better. This can also soothe us in every way and help us spend time together. Clothing and the type of fabric we are using are the most important things to make us feel comfortable all the time. As in any situation, comfort is the most important thing for the person.

Although you will find there are so many different types of fabrics that are so comfortable for us in the rainy season and will make you feel so relaxed throughout the whole season, you will enjoy it a lot. Try to step out of the house with these amazing fabrics. As we all know, outfits speak louder, so wear them the way you want them to.


Cotton is without a doubt the best and most fundamental fabric, and it is adored by many. As we all know, this is the fabric that is so lighter and makes you feel so lighter in the same way. Some of the natural fabrics are better for the skin in almost all seasons. Natural materials with minimal absorbency, such as cotton and mulmul, are typically suitable for use during the rainy season. You might wear a cotton t-shirt with denim shorts, and you can also try this with some of the other things as well. Whatever you decide, avoid body-hugging clothing to avoid excessive sweating. 

Although denim may not be the first material that springs to mind when considering comfortable apparel during the rainy season, it is a useful choice. Denim clothes are fashionable, and you can choose to wear a small dress or shorts with the top.


This is also a very good fabric, which is best for the summer, and it is so comfortable at the same time. It is a type of fabric that can dispel heat, and in colder climates, it can warm the air. As a result, linen is getting more attention and may be a superior option. Not to mention that it is lighter than cotton but roughly 30% stronger. The most suitable choices for office attire during the monsoon are the calming pastel hues of linen. Getting wet in a sudden downpour is quite difficult and irritating at the same time. But if you are wearing this fabric, it will dry up very fast, and you don’t have to feel embarrassed at the same time. It absorbs a lot of moisture in a short period of time, which is a great thing. It is also a versatile and comfortable fabric for the rainy season.


If you really don’t want to wear these, you also have options for the rayon fabric and some of the other mixed fabrics, which are artificial and also look stylish at the same time. You can wear some of the dresses in this fabric, as this is also one of the flowy fabrics that looks amazing at the same time. This fabric has a cool, light texture that makes it resemble silk. It also shares some traits with linen and cotton. Rayon is a perfect cotton blend since it is not only breathable and light, but it also has a slight sheen that gives it a dressier appearance than regular cotton.

The fabric made of rayon also swiftly absorbs sweat without retaining body heat. This fabric dries quickly, which eliminates excessive sweating in humid climates. 


The monsoon season is one of the best for most of us, yet each season has its own special traits. There’s something about the earthy smell of mud in the rain when everything around you is so fresh and green. No matter how much we love the rainy season, it can be difficult to know what to wear while it’s raining.


The right time has come to stock the shelves with new clothing. We are very concerned about the rainy season. The heat during this season still results in perspiration, even though the sun is not as bright. Therefore, in order to stay dry and cool during the monsoon, it is imperative to dress in textiles. You can try a lot of fabric, as when you try it, only you will know how it is. You can also visit Uniqlo and explore some of the best fabrics for this season.