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Il graffio del Gatto

il graffio di un gatto randagio






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Io_piccolo_infinito il 02/02/13 alle 18:13 via WEB
gatto...non vuoi proprio tornare? :(
fuocoezagara il 27/12/12 alle 15:06 via WEB
Ti lascio qui i miei auguri di liete feste..e spero che tu stia bene , anche se oberato di impegni Buon anno....
AnimaSalata il 21/12/12 alle 17:30 via WEB
Ehi gatto...auguri...miao ...bau...ciao S.
isry il 15/12/12 alle 22:58 via WEB
AnimaSalata il 06/12/12 alle 16:27 via WEB
Un saluto
Io_piccolo_infinito il 20/11/12 alle 10:24 via WEB
c'Ŕ nessunooooooooooo????
coachfactory0 il 18/11/12 alle 09:41 via WEB

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Su Xiaowei has repeatedly saying that she is an amateur writer is, who refused to raise his value "amateur" writer, worked hard over the years in obscurity Ministry is offering us coach outlet online a startlingly ambitious. Speaking Su Xiaowei "amateur" when entering the channel, she really is an amateur, then, her husband Huo Jianqi and distress can not find a good script for film shooting, Su Xiaowei do at home wife and mother to come forward to. She coach outlet online said to her husband, she wanted to try to write the screenplay, art husband helping hand. Since then, she really tried to write from coach outlet online the script, a pick one, almost the majority screenplay is very picky coach factory online Huo Jianqi phase. So, the movie "warm" She tried to write the script several years, the "winner" of that mountain, the man, the dog "the numerous audience applauded the film has been filmed.

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isry il 15/11/12 alle 23:28 via WEB
Urka... Noi rospi si salta e basta AH AH AH
fuocoezagara il 11/11/12 alle 11:09 via WEB
Buona domenica...un saluto passando da qui .
Leone.ssa13 il 10/11/12 alle 19:53 via WEB
Ciao gatto un saluto e un sorriso ^_^


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