2022 Hangzhou Paralympic AG Athletes Return Home

2022 항저우 장애인AG 선수단 귀국…"고생한 모두에게 박수를"

2022 Hangzhou Paralympic AG Athletes Return Home… “Applause to Everyone who Worked Hard”


Korea ranked 4th overall with 30 gold medals

The Korean team that participated in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games returned home after 7 days of intense competition.

The Korean team, which ranked 4th in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games with 30 gold medals, 33 silver medals, and 40 bronze medals, returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 29th.

The 95-member team, dressed in white national team award uniform tops and black bottoms, appeared with wide smiles on their faces as the arrival hall doors opened. 온라인카지노

Team leader Kim Jin-hyuk was the first to walk out, pushing the wheelchair of Korean team captain Kim Young-geon (Sports Class 4, Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall), who was the flag bearer at the closing ceremony.

Jeong Jin-wan, president of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled, handed a bouquet of flowers to Kim Young-geon, who came out holding a large Taegeukgi in his hand.

Park Jong-cheol, head of the athlete’s village, and Seo Soo-yeon (Sports Class 1, Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall), who achieved three gold medals in table tennis at this tournament, and Park Jin-cheol (Sports Class Class 2, Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall), who teamed up with Seo Soo-yeon for a gold medal in mixed doubles, followed.

The players, each holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand, moved to the Korean team welcome ceremony held on one side of the airport and took commemorative photos with bright faces.

Kim Jin-hyuk, head of the team, said, “I am moved to tears thinking that this is really the last time,” and asked, “I ask for the public’s continued interest in the future.”

Chairman Jeong Jin-wan encouraged the team by saying, “Everyone has worked very hard.

I hope you applaud yourselves,” and concluded the welcoming ceremony by shouting, “Team Korea Fighting.”

Earlier this morning, the athletes held a disbanding ceremony at the Korean Athletes’ Village in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

A total of 110 players, including Chairman Jin-wan Jeong, Jeong-mi Lee, Sports Cooperation Officer of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and General Manager Jin-hyuk Kim, attended the disbanding ceremony.

Team leader Kim Jin-hyuk said, “I’m really proud of our team.

I will cherish the time I spent with you.”

Chairman Jeong Jin-wan said, “Each of you who showed off your skills to the fullest in this competition, regardless of whether you won or lost, is a true champion,”

And added, “Now, let’s work hard again for the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games and show the people a more developed version of disabled sports.” encouraged.

Cooperation Officer Lee Jeong-mi said, “The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will continue to do our best to support you so that you can achieve your dreams.”

The disbandment ceremony ended with General Manager Kim Jin-hyuk returning the player’s short-term flag to Chairman Jeong Jin-wan.

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