Kim Ha-Seong, The First Korean to Win MLB Gold Glove

김하성, 한국인 최초로 MLB 골드글러브 수상…유틸리티 야수

Kim Ha-Seong, the first Korean to win MLB Gold Glove… Utility Beast


Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the second base department… “Kim Ha-seong showed off his versatility again”

Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres) became the first Korean player ever to win the Gold Glove Award, given to the best player at each position in the Major League Baseball (MLB).

Ha-seong Kim was named the Golden Glove winner in the National League Utility Fielder category in the list of 2023 MLB Gold Glove winners from both major leagues announced on the 6th (Korean time).

The utility fielder category, which refers to an all-purpose fielder, was first established in 2022

Kim Ha-seong is a finalist for Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers) and Korean-born Tommy Ed, who played with the Korean national baseball team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March of this year.

He beat Munn (St. Louis Cardinals) and received the honor. 온라인카지노사이트

Ha-seong Kim showed off solid defense in all infield positions except first base, including his main position at second base, as well as third base and shortstop, becoming the first Korean big leaguer to wear the golden glove in the all-around fielder category.

Ha-seong Kim was a finalist in the shortstop category last year, but resolved the regret of missing the award after a year.

In particular, it is even more valuable because it has erased the preconceived notion that Asian players have difficulty finding a spot in the big league infield and has been recognized as the king of defense.

When the San Diego club hired Sander Boharz this year, Ha-seong Kim, who gave up the shortstop position to Boharz and moved to second base, played in 101 games as a second baseman

30 games as a third baseman, and 18 games as a shortstop this season, leading the Padres’ infield.

I kept it. said that Ha-seong Kim once again showed off his versatility as an infielder as a second baseman, shortstop, and third baseman in San Diego this season, and when looking at DRS (defensive runs saved), an indicator of how well a defender prevents runs

Ha-seong Kim It was introduced that he recorded 10 as a second baseman and 3 each as a third baseman and shortstop, for a total of 16.

He added that the second baseman’s DRS figure was the second highest in the league after this year’s National League second baseman Gold Glove winner Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs, ’12).

Horner was recognized as the best second baseman in the league, beating Ha-seong Kim and Bryson Stott (Philadelphia Phillies), who were finalists for the Gold Glove Award in the second baseman category.

Looking at the method of selecting the Gold Glove winner, it appears that Kim Ha-sung’s defensive performance left a strong impression on the minds of all managers and coaches in the big league.

Rawlings, a baseball equipment manufacturer and organizer of the Gold Glove Award, determines the winner by combining the votes of 30 team managers and up to six coaches per team, as well as the defensive index of the American Baseball Research Association.

The coaches’ vote accounted for 75%, overwhelming the defensive index (25%), which is a statistical figure.

Even if Ha-Seong Kim was slightly behind his competitors in terms of statistics, it can be interpreted that other team leaders who work together in the actual game evaluated Ha-Seong Kim’s defensive skills highly.

Meanwhile, Fernando Tatis Jr. was selected as the Gold Glove winner in the right field category, shining on the team along with Ha-seong Kim.

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