Pole Jin Min-seop, Overcame a Fatal Injury and Soared

'치명적 부상 딛고 날아오른' 장대 진민섭 "악바리처럼 버텼다"

Pole Jin Min-seop, ‘overcame a fatal injury and soared’ said, “I held on like a bad boy”

Left patellar tendon rupture in October 2022… Won the national competition after 1 year and 6 months of rehabilitation

Jin Min-seop (31, Yeonje County Office), who had collapsed due to a ruptured knee patellar tendon, took off again.

Jin Min-seop won the men’s pole vault collegiate and general division finals at the 52nd KBS Korea Athletics Championships held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 3rd, surpassing 5m 40m and beating Han Doo-hyun (Daejeon Facilities Management Corporation) at 5m 30m.

Although he fell short of his own Korean record (5 m 80), ‘5 m 40’ was a number of hope for Jin Min-seop, who went through a long tunnel of rehabilitation. 카지노사이트

It has been two years since Jin Min-seop won the national competition hosted by the Korea Athletics Federation, since the National Unemployed Athletics Competition (5m 40) in May 2022.

Jin Min-seop exceeded 5m40 and roared with a playful expression.

Jin Min-seop, whom we met after the game, smiled and said, “I’ve been rehabilitating for 1 year and 6 months.

I didn’t give up, I didn’t get tired, and I’m really happy I came this far.”

Jin Min-seop underwent left knee surgery in late October 2022.

It was a fatal injury, as his patellar tendon ruptured.

Before his injury, Jin Min-seop was the unrivaled leader in men’s pole vault in Korea.

Jin Min-seop, who set his first personal Korean record with 5m64 at the Taiwan Open International Athletics Championships on May 28, 2013, flew 5m80 with a ‘borrowed pole’ at the Bankstown Pole Vault Competition held in New South Wales, Australia on March 1, 2020. Ola set a new Korean record for the 8th time.

He also qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with the record he set in Australia.

Jin Min-seop is also a bronze medalist at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

Deep down, Korean track and field hoped that Jin Min-seop would become an athlete who would reliably advance to the finals at the Olympics and World Championships.

Jin Min-seop, who was looking up, was attacked by an evil spirit.

He could not guarantee that he would continue his career as a player, let alone break the Korean record.

Jin Min-seop confessed, “Actually, I felt like giving up.”

However, people around him who cherished his talent led Jin Min-seop to a rehabilitation training center.

Jin Min-seop said, “The seniors I played sports with in middle and high school are working as rehabilitation experts.

With the help of those seniors, I was able to return to the field sooner than expected.”

During his long rehabilitation, I became someone who looked ‘to the side’ of Jin Min-seop.

He said, “Until I was preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, I was too obsessed with records.

I also became sensitive,” and “Now I look around and try to calmly climb up.”

Jin Min-seop said, “Today, I am satisfied with 5m 40, which would have been a disappointing record in the past.

My realistic goal is to consistently surpass 5m 50 this season,” and added, “I want to go up one level again as an athlete exceeding 5m 60 and 5m 70 next year.”

Having felt the thrill of breaking Korean records several times, he sometimes imagines breaking the record again.

Jin Min-seop said, “I will not rush.

However, if my skills recover to the point where I can consistently surpass 5m 70, I will try to break the record again, even if it means training abroad at my own expense.”

While recovering, I also had a new dream.

Jin Min-seop said, “If I retire without breaking the 5m 80 mark, I want the juniors I taught to be able to jump 5m 90m and 6m,” and added, “Just as Ernest John Obiena (Philippines) cleared 6m in the pole vault and Sanghyuk Woo in the high jump became a world-class vertical jumper, he added, “In the jumping event, our Korean athletes can compete on the world stage.

I want to work hard until the end of my career and become a leader to help my juniors take on the world stage in pole vaulting,” he said.

Of course, Jin Min-seop has not yet let go of his desire to become a player.

Jin Min-seop said, “My short-term goal is to win a medal by exceeding 5m 70m at the Asian Championships to be held in Gumi next year” and pledged “I will do my best to break my Korean record like Akbari, just as I trained like Akbari and returned to the field after the surgery.”

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