Outside air terminal halting an entryway in a fenced line, giving free air terminal trade, fit for surrendering trade to 8 explorers at the same time. You can keep your vehicles key with you. Online portion is normal for booking.

The ferihegyparkolas.eu Airport Parking is only 5-10 minutes from the air terminal, dependent upon traffic. The free, on demand transport makes your development supportive, since you don’t have to stick to an arrangement. At the point when you appear at the vehicle leave and put together the handover of the vehicle, you can rush toward the air terminal immediately.

The vehicle leave is secure: it is enclosed by a stone wall and a cutting edge wall, the section is safeguarded with a block, and the relentless presence of staff and CCTV system ensures your internal quietness. With these activities you have convincing explanation need to worry about your vehicle while you are away.

Getting to the vehicle leave:

At the point when you appear at the vehicle leave staff will be holding on for you. During the handover cycle they will record nuances, according to rules, which takes a constraint of 10 minutes. As a part of this technique you will get a leaving receipt from them, which is proof that you are the owner of the vehicle. Assuming no one cares either way, safeguard this leaving receipt due to the way that the vehicle leave can’t accept any obligation considering the lack of this receipt. After this, staff will help with your stuff, and move you to the air terminal. Assuming no one minds, select the hour of arriving in the vehicle leave warily, to allow satisfactory chance to complete the association and a few other picked organizations. You are urged to appear at the vehicle leave 30 minutes before you ought to be at the air terminal.

On return:

At the point when your plane has landed, and you recuperated your stuff, assuming no one really minds, call the vehicle leave, so they can send the van transport for you. The vehicle returns you to the vehicle leave, where the staff will help you with your stuff, and after you have taken your vehicle back, you can continue with your outing. For a quicker connection assuming no one really cares either way, have your halting card ready.

The region of the air terminal parking structure

The FAP, every now and again implied similarly as the Ferihegy leaving region, is arranged in Vecsés (as is mostly Liszt Ferenc Airport), so the air terminal terminals are actually open from here quickly, and our negligible cost vehicle leave is in like manner really accessible – from Budapest: through the Airport expressway and the Vecsés 400-on road as, – From the M0: through the M0-M4 air terminal exchange (exit 42 on the M0).You can find out about the particular method for managing the leaving region in the Contact menu.

Organizations of the Ferihegy parking structure:

  • 0-24 hours , steady opening times and security
  • 8-camera night vision outside camera system
  • Free trade to the terminals of Liszt Ferenc Airport in a pleasant, 9-man, cooled move transport
  • In all cases, we pay the air terminal collection cost
  • Web booking structure
  • Charging the starter battery, “directing in”
  • Covered entry decision
  • Breaking point of up to 300 seats
  • Individual understanding decision for long stretch (least a half year) halting
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