Best Restaurant in Taman Molek at Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Taman Molek, one of Johor Bahru’s townships, is a residential and commercial center with many major banks branches and great food. Do you know where to eat in Taman Molek? Or..What are the best places to eat in Taman Molek It can be difficult to pick a restaurant or meal in Taman Molek.


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1.TANBA – Japanese Barbecue

If you love Japanese food and BBQ, then you should not miss TANBA – Japanese BBQ at Taman Molek.


Tanba Japanese BBQ Specialty Restaurant has premium barbecue ingredients. They are available as a buffet or ala carte, so you can enjoy as much as you want with your maximum capacity. There are many delicious choices, including chicken breasts, chicken breast, miso and chicken with lemon mayonnaise. There are over 100 options. After you’ve finished your meal, you can enjoy a dessert.


Tanba Japanese BBQ is very conscious of not only the freshness and quality of its ingredients, but also the ambience. The rustic mahogany interior and retro decor create a relaxed atmosphere for customers to enjoy great barbecue while they dine.



Local favorite, Kopitiam Johor Bahru is located in Taman Molek. Johor Bahru-Kopilicious specializes exclusively in “cham” and signature coffee. The top layer of coffee contains milk foam that is rich and fragrant. You will feel awake after just one sip. Even if you don’t like coffee, the Milo Ice is rich. Kopilicious Breakfast Cafe sells coffee and local delicacies like Mee Siam, Ayam penyet, Nasi Lemak, and many more.


  1. The Bierhaus

Are you looking for western-style food in JB Bierhaus is a local favorite that has been serving up the finest German food in JB for over 10 years. There are many branches of Bierhaus throughout the city. This makes it a great place to entertain family and friends, as well as special occasions. There is a delicious selection of pork available. It’s best to pair it up with your favorite imported beer.


4.Heritage Signature

Heritage Signature is a wonderful place that serves delicious multi-cultural Malaysian food at an affordable cost.


Heritage Signature is well-known for its Nyonya dishes, which are free of pork and lard. You can choose from a variety of food and beverages including ice coffees, signature cendols, chicken rendang, asam fish and juices.


5.THEsalts Kitchen

THEsalts was once a mobile food truck that specialized in Western food. It is now a Lily Garden storefront. Lunch hours are always busy at THEsalts. You can get staple food at an affordable price starting at RM8.90 Many residents and office workers are returning customers because of the generous portion sizes. The quality of the food is what attracts attention. This restaurant also offers a variety of dishes, such as Grilled Hollandaise Sauce Chicken Chop, Garlic Muskroom Pasta and Fish and Chips and Fish and Chips and Salted Egg chicken Garlic rice, Black Pepper Steak and many other options.


  1. The Brew Orchestra

Since 2013, The Brew Orchestra has created a space in Taman Molek for specialty coffees, high-quality food and desserts. The space is open for breakfast, brunch, and coffee. You can also relax to the jazz music. This is a great way to start your day.
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