10 Common Mistakes When Dating Ukrainian Women 



What is the first association that comes to mind when thinking about Ukrainian women? There is no doubt that this association is positive, as Slavic brides are so charming and beautiful. Girls from Ukraine are known to be attractive, smart, and well-mannered. Who on Earth doesn’t dream of dating a Ukrainian woman? But not everyone succeeds eventually. Victoria Syhachova, a top expert of Victoriyaclub.com has a simple explanation for this:  “Many guys often make mistakes that prevent them from building a strong connection with Ukrainian females”. This article aims to discuss the most common things that may become a great obstacle to your happy union. 

1. Control

Do you like to control your partner? Well, it is not a good idea when dating Ukrainian women. These ladies love and appreciate their freedom a lot. Any attempt to cross a girl’s personal borders will end in nothing good. Ukrainian females are used to having their own opinions and making all necessary decisions. So taking control over her life is a big mistake that can quickly ruin your relationship. Instead, you should give your bride enough freedom to act as she thinks it is right. After all, everybody needs some personal space, as only at those moments, a person has a chance to understand what actually matters. 

2. Lies

This is a real nightmare for Ukrainian girls. They can’t stand lies, no matter what makes you be dishonest. They expect the man to be frank and sincere. Otherwise, Ukrainian women are not ready to build a relationship based on lies. It is better to be who you are and not  pretend to be someone else. It is especially true in the case of online dating. Add only real pictures and say only the truth. It is useless to tell lies, as Ukrainian ladies have perfect intuition. Earlier or later, she will find out the truth, and then you are going to lose her forever, no matter how strong your connection seemed to be.

3. Irresponsibility

Ukrainian women seek a reliable partner who is ready to take responsibility for his own life and a future family. Of course, girls from Ukraine evaluate feelings a lot, but financial stability is also important for them. You will not succeed with these beauties if only make empty promises.  Being responsible and reliable with Ukrainian women is a must. At the same time, these ladies are known to be hardworking as well. They believe that partners can achieve much more together. 

4. Disrespect

Ukrainian women are proud of their culture and respect their traditions. It means you should show an interest in exploring your girlfriend’s background.  Any possible disrespect will be taken as a red flag. Of course, you are not expected to adhere to all customs, but you surely need to know more about them to avoid any possible awkward situation. So, you are recommended to ask more questions and learn about local traditions. Even though most Ukrainian girls choose a modern lifestyle, traditions still play an important role in their routine. 

5. Silence

Communication is crucial for Ukrainian ladies. They expect their partner both to listen and to share everything that goes on.  Keeping silent is not the best idea to build a warm relationship with a girl from Ukraine.  She is open and easy-going. Such a woman is used to talk about everything. Therefore, you should be ready to discuss any issue, share your point of view, and avoid being silent.

6. Following Stereotypes

As you probably know, there are many myths and stereotypes about Slavic women.  Some guys hurry up to make certain conclusions based on these stereotypes. Guess, whether your Ukrainian girlfriend will like it? Surely no!  Remember that most of these myths have been spread by unreliable media resources. You should not trust the information you can read online and do believe your instincts instead.

7. Indifference

Ukrainian ladies are known as many-sided individuals. Most local women have one or even a few hobbies. They constantly gain new knowledge and practice new skills. Being indifferent about girl’s activities is a big mistake, for sure. You should display interest in her life and hobbies. This way, you will show that you do care about the lady, and take your communication seriously. 

8. Aggressiveness

Women from Ukraine will never put up with aggressiveness. You are highly recommended to avoid being pushy. It refers both to emotional issues and physical ones. You shouldn’t insist on things that the girl doesn’t accept.  This will prevent her from trusting you and relying on you. She will get distant, and your relationship in general will not have any future. Making her do something she doesn’t like is the true way to fail. These tender ladies seek a kind partner who can combine both confidence and care.

9. Absence of Compromises

Experts say that a relationship is always a work of two. Those who want to build a healthy, strong connection should be open to compromises. It is especially true when it comes to Ukrainian beauties. They always have their own opinion on every issue. Thus, you should be ready to discuss things and make a decision that satisfies both sides. 

10. Comparison

Do you want to lose your connection with a bride from Ukraine? You can easily do it by comparing her with other women. Remember that any comparisons are a bad idea when dating a Ukrainian girl. You should remember that this way, you will not encourage her to make some changes or take some actions. Instead, a Ukrainian girl will only be disappointed in you.  

Final Thoughts

Ukrainian women are popular all over the world, and this recognition is surely deserved. They are attractive, caring, smart, and active. A romance with a Ukrainian woman can be the best thing that ever happened to you. But to make things work out, you should be attentive and avoid the mistakes mentioned above mistakes.  Find out more dating tips, and show your care and serious intentions to make the girl from Ukraine feel important and special. This is a true way to win her heart and build a happy relationship with a Slavic bride. 

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