Becoming the Author and Getting Reborn

Getting Reborn

You live in a reality, you’ve created yourself. Whenever we are going through a rough phase in our lives, we stop blossoming and start blaming the situations on others, but what we really forget is that we are the leading roles of our life story and get to determine how we interact with supporting roles. We can rewrite the story to get reborn and attain a life that we have always desired.  

Without recognizing it, we might let the events of our life dictate our story rather than taking the intentional effort required to write our own story. Engage your imagination and consider how you want your tale to evolve. Which archetypes are beneficial, and which are detrimental? What would it take to enjoy and respect your life narrative even more and achieve the happy endings you desire?

The profession you work in, the way you live, and the people you surround yourself with are entirely up to you. You are the designer of your life, so why not make it the best it can be? Certain things are destined for you that you cannot modify or change, but the effort is something you can control; effort is something you put in, so don’t make excuses about destiny if you aren’t putting in any effort.

Oftentimes, our present is dictated by our past or even future. Letting go of your past in relationships or anything significant is our first step towards awakening. We prefer the known over the unknown and often choose knowing misery for an uncertain future. Sticking to the past will hinder your development and build a happy paradise for yourself. There is always a silver lining no matter what scenario you are in right now. Your existing circumstances do not preclude you from blossoming and succeeding.

Only when you break the shackles of your past and be the writer that true liberation comes in. We may choose to behave differently at any time and go ahead freely.

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