The Badass Girl Gang

The Badass Girl Gang

In this world of speed and individuality, only family and friends are the ones who support us. 

You develop this unfathomable sense of wholeness, solace, and trust with the right ones. They’re someone we find ourselves discussing who we are, our tales and thoughts that we may not share with everyone else.

In recent years, many girls have banded together to build each other up rather than tearing one another down. Ladies have set aside their disputes, competition, and jealousy to assist each other in achieving, and it’s incredible. Feminism and #metoo movements are great examples.

When you’re unsure about where to go or what to do with your life, the girl gang is always there to discuss your possibilities. In such interactions, you learn more about each other. You can provide one another with advice and counsel in tough times. The girl gang is always there to admire, embrace, and empower you.

Over time, the girl gang might have boosted your life energy, transforming you spiritually, socially, and even physiologically. We all are carriers of energy. A good company can assist us in opening our chakras by inspiring, encouraging, and motivating us.

If your sacral chakra is active, your life will be filled with passion, sexuality, intimacy, money, creativity, and joy. Spending time with a creative friend who is enthusiastic about the arts stimulates your sacral chakra, helping you to better your connections with yourself and the cosmos. 

Do you have a friend that exudes confidence and is a born leader? She knows who she is and is secure in her skin? If so, you have balanced your solar plexus chakra by being near her. The solar plexus chakra controls self-esteem and confidence and makes you feel in control of your life. So, over time, this friend has helped you amplify your confidence and build self-esteem.

You will surely have a friend who has activated your third chakra. This third-eye friend loves to picture things. She sees things and always dreams big. Being with her, you indeed would have developed some big dreams of yours as well, and this dreaming will soon give you what you desire through the Law of Attraction. The law states that when you dream about something repeatedly and set clear intentions, all the universe conspires to manifest that dream.

Having friends is a blessing, and it is time that we start being grateful for this connection of pure love and abundance. You can show your gratitude to your badass girl gang by giving carefully crafted sacred jewelry.  Check out this elegant and beautiful Bracelet and Necklace for your badass girl gang.

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