5 Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Carpets are supposed to enhance the beauty of a room. But, they become dull and stained with time if their cleanliness is not maintained. Dust particles, allergens, stains, and bacteria accumulate in a carpet and cause many problems. If you have been facing health problems because of filthy carpets, then you could hire specialists for carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Trained and experienced cleaners inspect the condition of your carpet and implement the best cleaning method.

Top 5 carpet cleaning methods used by professionals are given below:

Steam Cleaning

It is one of the most popular Water Damage Carpets Melbourne methods. Steam cleaning is a natural, eco-friendly and health-friendly method. If you have pets at home who often urinate on the carpet or your house has been flooded with contaminated water, then you can opt for this method of carpet cleaning.

In this method, a steam cleaning machine is used to eliminate the spots and dirt on the carpet. A steam cleaning machine has one compartment for water and another for a cleaning agent. This water continuously boils and turns into steam. The temperature of the steam is high and its heat is enough for dissolving the dirt particles and destroying the germs.

Dry Cleaning

This dry carpet cleaning Melbourne method is used extensively by cleaners. It is the safest option for cleaning costly and delicate carpets. No water is involved in this process. This method can be chosen in all seasons because there is no need to wait for carpet drying.

In this method, the experts use a vacuum cleaner and remove the debris, allergens and dust particles from the carpet. Then a dry cleaning power or liquid is rubbed all over the carpet surface for the removal of stains and dirt. The powder would turn dirty within a few minutes. Lastly, a vacuum cleaner is used to collect the dirt.

You would notice a fantastic shine on the carpet after this cleaning treatment. Make sure that you choose the right company for this procedure because poor product selection and technique implementation can leave a residue.

Hot Water Extraction

Whether your carpet has urine stains or grease stains, hot water is a natural ingredient that can eliminate all stubborn spots effortlessly. In hot water extraction, a machine is used to flood a carpet with hot water. This carpet cleaning Melbourne method is considered safe for carpets because no chemical residue is left after rinsing.

It is the best method for sterilising carpets that have become contaminated because of various reasons. Make sure that you wait for a few hours and allow the carpet to get dry. Shifting the furniture or walking on a wet carpet can leave bad marks.


It is a wonderful method that is preferred by many specialists. In the encapsulation method, a chemical is applied all over the carpet. Then, a machine with rotary brush is moved. This chemical has the power to crystallise dust and soil particles. The crystallised dirt particles don’t attract other dirt particles and can be removed easily with help of a powerful vacuum cleaner. This dry carpet cleaning Melbourne method is used for cleaning various kinds of carpets in commercial and residential places.

Dry Foam Shampooing

A dry foam shampoo cleans the carpet without creating a mess. Foam works like a dirt magnet. The cleaner infuses the foam into the carpet strands with help of a machine. Then, the dirt is collected back with the help of an extractor. It is a safe option because excessive water is not used to clean the carpet. The drying time is not too high. So, you can choose this method in cooler months.


With time, various options have evolved for carpet cleaning in Melbourne. The methods listed above are trending these days and experienced cleaners prefer them over vacuuming and shampooing. If your carpet has been soaked with dirt and dust, then you should definitely book one of the above services from a reliable company.

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