How strange is life ..

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How strange is life .. Before everything goes quietly, then, one day, you meet a stranger and changes your life. Perhaps for a few days, maybe a few months or years .. or maybe forever.
Probably it will remain a “stranger” in life, but you will change anyway, even if you do not want. Although you believed to be that hard, tough, cold, ice .. one who cared little about everything and everyone, that you slammed the truth in the face, that grumpy .. but then comes the day when you meet someone the really hard, tough, cold, ice .. then you realize that you were not; you were quite the opposite, your character was cool just to hide that side shy and fragile, they all have. But no one would have passed for a “timid” or one that was hurt for long.
They define “character”, that strong, that you do not crush on anyone, everyone, therefore, expect you to be always, to continue to be in any situation. But I’m not so.
I did not understand it either my character, but I know what they are.
Maybe that’s why I have always been “tomboy” Dad, for my character and, perhaps, is what everyone told me “you had to be born male.” But why ?! Not that “lion” that others believe .. It’s also not the mask that I decided to bring, is what others have put me and I do not know why, I continue to take it.
Maybe not to disappoint all those who I believe so, perhaps because no one would believe me if I had to take it off or, perhaps, because it is convenient.
Be “strong”, determined and often grumpy, it means to have a role and a safe place, because people see you sure of yourself, therefore, in a sense, your stay well. While those timid .. is another thing.
Do you see it differently if you’re shy; fragile, weak, insecure, weak psychologically. They’re careful what they tell you not to hurt you, but if you pretend strong will tell you more often (because more and nobody does) the truth, because they know that you react in some way and that you will not be upset. Do not you show at least.
But as well, those who wake up in the morning and put the mask that acts as a shield, are the most fragile. They are the ones who are afraid of suffering, are those who fear the love and, at the same time, they need love. They’re like lions, strong and fragile inside out. They have a giant heart, live for those who love, pride and strong … Always strong. But we are not all lions. There are those who wear the mask of the lamb, the sheep following the herd, etc .. Instead lions decide for themselves and continue on their way even if they are wrong. Pride.
But if two lions meet? They are aware of their character, a relationship between two strong and stubborn can hardly exist, because they are too similar; both want to control.
Otherwise, it might work, if they put pride aside some time ..
What then, in the end, I like lions. As well as beautiful, they have a lot of advantages, as few know how to love.
But the problem arises when a lion is wounded. It is said that “the lion that was injured, but not killed, only meaner.” It depends. Become meaner and strong for pride, because you feel forced to show this, but if you are not a lion, do you know what he feels? What do you know that “the lion that was injured, but not killed,” was wounded in life and that’s it? So it hurts by feeling as if he had been killed. That ‘s what people do not understand. They see you smile and think you’re happy, you see grumpy and think you’re strong, you see strong and think you’re convinced, but, in fact, see and just. Do not look. They do not observe.
No lion is as strong as it seems.
I am a lion …

















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