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♥, (talking Heads Cover), *___*____*____*_____*_____*, -FOR KURT-, -FuckSimile-, ....La MoRtE di KuRt...., 05/04/1994, 09/05/1978, 1, 100 PASSI M.C.R, 2, 3 Days grace, 3000, 40 secondi di niente, 66Diablus in musica-, 77, 87, a, a sangue freddo, A Song For The Lovers, AbOuT KuRt........., AcDc, ACDC - For those about to rock, AcDc-Back in black, AcDc-Highway to hell, AcDc-TNT, AcDc-You Shook Me All Night Long, AFI-Miss murder, Afterhours-Male di miele, Alice, Alice In Chains - Love, Alice In Chains - Real Thing, Alice in Chains - Them Bones, Alice in Chains - Would, Alice In Chains - Your Decision, Alice in chains-Stay away, Alien ant farm-Smooth criminal, all, amazing shadow puppets, anarchy, AND, Andy Mckee, Andy McKee - Gates of Gnomeria, arte, Articolo 31-Noi NO!, AURORA SOGNA-SubSonica, Bambole di pezza-Le streghe, Bambole di pezza-Strike, beat box kid, Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up, bickle, Billy Idol-Dancing Whit Myself, Black, Black Stone Cherry - Like I Roll, blind, blog, Blur-Under the WestWay, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen - Better Days, Bullshit, Burn, CaNaPa!!!, caring, Cattive abitudini, chains, charade, chat, cisco ebano, CISCO-Ninna Nanna, click, coil, Coldplay - Don't Panic, colonna sonora-Into the wild, Come, CoNcErTi, Creed-My sacrifice!, creepy, cry, dal, Damien Rice - Delicate, daughter, decision, Deep, DeMoNe, Derozer-branca day, Derozer-straniero, die.young, dio, divertimento, dj, Donnington, down, Drum solo..., Dub Fx-Love Someone, ebrei, empty, Eskimo-hello moto, Eskimo-My rave_video, Eskimo-time to get serious, Euphoria - Silence in everywhere, eye, face, FaNtAsMa_nel cimitero, Fantasmi, Fantsami, Far, fare, fascismo, Fighters, FIGLI DI PUTTANA STI NAZISTI D M, film, fisa, Foo, Foo F, FOO FIGHTERS, Foo Fighters - Good Grief, Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly, Foo Fighters - Long road to ruin, foo fighters - monkey wrench, Foo Fighters - No Way Back, Foo Fighters Long Road To Ruin, Foo Fighters rock in idro 2011, Foo Fighters vs Guns and Roses, Foo fighters-All my life, Foo Fighters-Doa, Foo fighters-everlong, Foo Fighters-Time like these, foofighters, for love not lisa., FoTo, FrAsI, Funzionante, G8 GENOVA 2001, Game, Gary Jules - Falling Awake, Giovanni Bomoll Piano - Moon, Giuseppe iannozzi, Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc, Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill, Grzie kurt....· "In Utero avrei, Guano apes -Kumba yo, Guano apes -you can't stop me, Guano apes-Big in Japan, Guano apes-break the line, Guano apes-Open your eyes, Guns N Roses Paradise City, Guns'n roses-Sweet child of min, Hate, heart, Hey Dottore-Prozac+, himym, hitler, hole, hopeless wanderer, i, If It Makes You Happy, il teatro delgi orrori, in, IN MEMORY OF CARLO, in the uk, Incubus-Drive, Incubus-I wish you were here, Incubus-Love hurts, Incubus-Megalomaniac, Incubus-New Skin..., Incubus-Vitamin, Incubus-Wish you Where Here, Infected mushroom-i wish, internet, Intervista a curtney nel 2001, INTO THE WILD..., Iron, Iron Maiden-Fear of the dark, is, james, Jean Debruynne, JIMI HENDRIX, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, jumper, just, Justice Vs Simian-Never be alone, Kansas-Dust in the wind, KARMA POLICE-RADIOHEAD, KE TROIA, ketchuo, kill radio-scavenger, Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire, KURT, KuRt & FrAnCeS..., kurt cobain fight, Kurt cobain goes crazy, KURT COBAIN I LOVE YOU, KURT COBAIN I LOVE YOU-, KURT D. COBAIN, Kurt tribute..., kurt....disegno...., KuRt_NoTe, LA LEGGE E' GIUSTA..., la miglior voce italiana, Lacuna, lacuna coil, Lacuna coil-Closer, Lacuna coil-enjoy the silence, Lacuna coil-whitin me, LagWagon-Bombs Away, le vent nous portera, life, LIGHT, Linea, Linea 77 evoluzione, linea 77 fantasma, Linea77-meat, Linea77-Moka, live, Love, LOVER, Ludovico Einaudi - Solo, Ludovico Einaudi-Nuvole Bianche, Make, Malfunk-Randagi, Marlene Kuntz & Skin, Marlene kuntz-a fior di pelle, Marta sui tubi, Marta sui tubi-VeCcHi DiFeTtI..., MCR, MCR - Oltre il ponte, MCR-Canto di natale, MCR-Canzone dalla fine del mondo, MCR-I cento passi, MCR-I funerali di berlinguer, MCR-morte di un poeta, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, Meat Loaf-Bat out of hell, mega starlight, Meganoidi-Super eroi, Meganoidi-Zeta reticoli, MeGlIo BrUCIArE...., Milk Attack, MiLlEnCoLiN, Millencolin the ballad, Millencolin-Black Eye, Millencolin-fox, Millencolin-Fox-live, Millencolin-The ballad, Millencollin the ballad, MIllencollin-penguins and polar , Mindless Self Indulgence, Ministri-Comunque, Ministri-Una palude, modena city ramblers, Mogwai, More, MoToRi, MUMFORD, MuSiC, MuSiCa, My job, nazismo, need, nevermind, Nightwish-Amaranth, Nirvana, Nirvana - NPA 94, nirvana - Oh the Guilt, nirvana - on a plain 08-30-92, NIRVANA FOR EVER!!!!, Nirvana-Do re mi, nirvana-Plateu, Nirvana-sappy, Nirvana-Season in the sun, No, NO-relax, Nofx, NOFX - Franco Un-American, NoFX - Stickin' in My Eye, Nofx-BoB, Nofx-Bob live, Nofx-Timmy the turtle, NOFX_Franco un-american, noir desire, Nutini, Oasis, of, OGGI E IL MIO COMPLEX, olocausto, On a muntain-Nirvana, out, P.O.D, Paolo, Parkour, PaRtY, pay, pazzesco, peace, pearl jam, Pearl Jam - Corduroy, Pearl Jam - Future Days, Pearl Jam - Unthought Known, Pearl-Jam-Do the evolution, Pendulum -Tarantula, Pendulum vs Fresh-Tarantula, Pendulum-I'm not Alone, Pennywise - Bro hymn, Pennywise-Fuck authority, Pennywise-Stand by me...(cover), pet, peterpunk-peterpunk, Piazza, Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky, Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, Pino, pistols, Placebo-Infra-red, Placebo-infrared, Placebo-Song to say goodbye, POD-We are, police violence - 2001 Genova G8, Porcupine Tree-Lazarus..., Porno riviste-Come piace a me, Porno riviste-Seduto su una luce, Porno riviste-Tempi cupi, PORNORIVISTE Seduto su una luce, Pornoriviste-Come piace a me..., PORNORIVISTE-Come piace a me...., Pornoriviste-Medicina, Pornoriviste-Tutto uguale..., Premi..., pretender, Prodigy-Voodoo People, PTC, punk, Punkreas, Punkreas-Aca toro, Punkreas-American dream, Punkreas-Dividi e comanda, Punkreas-Sosta, punkreas-ultima notte, PunxCrew-Girotondo, PunxCrew-LGZ, Purple, Queen of the stonage, Question!, Radical, Radical Face-Welcome Home, radiohead, Radiohead - Creep, Radiohead - Idioteque, Radiohead - No Surprises, Radiohead -Just, ragazze, Rage Against The Machine, Rage aganist the machine, Ramones, Ramones-Pet sematary, Rancid, Rancid-fall back down, Rancid-Fall back down..., Rancid-Old friend, Rancid-salvation, Rancid-time bomb, Rancid-travis bickle, Razzi Arpia Inferno e Fiamme, razzismo, rest, Rights, rip, rock, ronnie, sabato 1 settembre live@mamamia , Sabbath, San, Scotto, Seether & Amy Lee-Broken, Seether and Amy lee-Broken, Seether-Fade away, sematary, Serj, Serj Tankian - Empty Walls, Serj Tankian-Empty walls, sex, SHANDON VIOLA, Sheeter-you know you're right, shins, shitler, shoah, Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla, ska-p cannabis!!!!, ska-p el nino soldato, ska-p mac dollar, ska-p mis colegas...., Ska-p Solamente por pensar..., Ska-p tio sam, Ska-p-El gato lopez, SKA-P-el nino soldato..., Ska-p-Intifada, Ska-p-Mis colegas, Ska-p-Tio sam, Ska-p-Welcome to hell, Skazi-I wish(Infected mushroom r, Skid Row - Breakin' Down, Skid Row - Slave to the Grind, Skid Row-I Remember You, Skid Row-Little wing, Sky, Sleep Dealer - The way home, Smells Like Teen Spirit, soldi, sondaggio, song, SONS, spacca!! *__*, spellbound, spirit, Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow, Stereophonics -Dakota, Stop, Storie - Anhima, Streets Of Philadelphia, Stuntman, Stupenda *__*, Stupenda!!! *__*, su, suicide, Sweet Home Alabama, System Of A Down, System Of A Down - Boom, System Of A Down - Suggestions, System Of A Down - Toxicity, System Of A Down -Aerials, System of a Down-Cigaro, System of a Down-Hypnotize, T, Tankian, Testi inediti..., than, the, The Cure-Boys Don't Cry, The Cure-Lullaby, The Distillers, The Distillers - City of Angels, THE DISTILLERS - DRAIN THE BLOOD, the killers-Mr. brightside, the passenger-iggy pop, the pretender, The Shins - Caring is Creepy, The Shins - New Slang, The Shins - Simple Song, The Strokes - Fear Of Sleep, The Walkmen - Heaven, then, These Days-Foo Fighters ♥&, Third, Three Days Grace - I Hate, Thunderstruck, to, Train-Calling all Angels, travis, tre allegri ragazzi morti, Un augurio di cuore, Vad Vuc Par vess un Omm, vengo, Verbena-My Baby Got Shot, Verdena, Verdena-17 tir nel cortile..., Verdena-Angie, Verdena-Elefante, Verdena-Glamodrama..., Verdena-il gulliver, Verdena-Luna, Verdena-Morbida..., Verdena-Non e', Verdena-Nova, Verdena-Onan..., Verdena-Phantastica..., Verdena-Piuma..., Verdena-Solo un grande sasso, Verdena-Spaceman, Verdena-Ultranoia, Verdena-Ultranoia..., Verdena-VIBA, VeRdEnA__, ViAgGi, video, Violin, violinista, violino, viva il terrorismo organizzato, vuoto, walk, walls, wandering, What I Am-Eddie Brickell, whitin temptation-Frozen, Whitley, Whitley - More Than Life, Wolf mother, Wolf mother-Woman, Wrong, WTO, Yiruma - River Flows in You, Yokoano, You know you're right-Nirvana, your, Youth - Daughter, "I HATE MY SEL AND I WANT TO DI, \\\NeVeRmInD\\\-AlEx...., _N.O.F.X_, _QUESTO SONO IO_, __HeArT-ShApEd BoX__My_SoNg_, __SKA-P__, °o.O_PuNkReAs_O.o°