“ Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

(A bear hug to my daughter Giovannella) GIO 2011


Your fringe sketched on the brows,
As a return to the light of your aurora,
And your smile
Open before the world,
Suddenly give me
Your uncharted eyes, as a gift…
I feel like to immerse myself
In your moral integrity,
That is irrepressible,
That is irreplaceable.
So with you
The loneliness of the forests
Begins to be filled by dreams.
I wouldn’t wait your birthday
For saying how much I love you.
I wouldn’t wait your return
To give you my caress
Strong.                                                                                          Laurea-GIOPATR-14
Clouds traveling low
Today are not able to cover
My mighty hug for you.
They are not able to avoid
The need I have
Of your eyes.
I will always be there
For you…
Your dad Ni forever