The most used by the fishermen is the pellet bait

This can reduce the residual buoyancy of the float.The most important ingredients in commercial nesting materials They are all made according to the needs of fish growth! In addition to the commercial nest material, the most used by the fishermen is the pellet bait! But the best pellets are the pellets fed by raw sugar!

This is the opening we always talk about in competitive fishing. During the day and night fishing is possible, I think it should be lowered, such as adjusting 3 eyes fishing 2. Entrance! The golden sleeve hooks are used for small crucian carp fishing and in the spring and autumn.

There are several ways to fish. It’s better than pulling bait and the effect of attracting fish is better! Increase the effect of lure fish! Black Pit Fishing Technique 3rd, Fishing Technique I can’t say anything about fishing skills.Let’s take the fish ponds around Haicheng as an example. Yes! The luck of the fishing friends who really fish in the fish ponds is that the station is very small, which is my personal opinion! Then the fishing club will separately talk about these important factors!

One of the black pit fishing techniques, bait The most commonly used bait in our Haicheng area is bloodworms, whether it is spring, summer, or autumn. I will also sprinkle some small medicines when I use granular nests. When fishing snaps Manufacturers the raw sugar is not available, I use garlic flavor instead! There are many commercial nesting materials and I have tried a lot. In spring and autumn, the temperature is relatively low.

For a fisherman, floats are the human eyes. Spread the bloodworm evenly on the bloodworm partner and stir evenly if you feel it If it is dry, sprinkle a little water with your hands. Mix bloodworm and dry powder bait with drawing powder Make it into a bait ‘No need to cut the bloodworms’!

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