Hard-tail floats Hard-tail floats are also called solid floats, that is, the tail is solid and cannot be replaced. Suitable for own fishing gear.2. When displaying the fish signal, the fishing rate is extremely high Wholesale Fishing Accessories Tools Suppliers by continuously lowering 1 to 2 meshes. If you want to carry out a ‘practice’, then fishing gear is indispensable. There are few kinds of floats in the market and it is dazzling. It is like a kind of ‘practice’. The glasses of fishing lies in the fishing float. The hard tail floats can be divided into two types: carbon-footed hard-tail floats and bamboo-footed hard-tail floats due to different float materials.

Fishing is a very challenging thing. Only by cognitive float can you find the right one. The soft tail drift can produce a certain upward restoring force. It is generally made of glass fiber resin.The use of soft tail float is to give up the power of the bait. Due to its thick feet and low center of gravity, bamboo-footed hard tail floats are faster than carbon-footed hard tail floats and turn over after entering the water under the same conditions. Therefore, fishing friends and friends must choose the best according to their own circumstances when purchasing various fishing gear. For more details, follow China. In a pond with piles of trash fish or when the rods are frequently raised and empty hooks are replaced with such floats, the situation will be greatly improved. This kind of float has light weight, high buoyancy, and soft float.

The difference between tail drift and hard drift. Peacock feather material floats body, carbon floats feet. The so-called magnification feature of using a hard tail float is to catch the fish and eat a little bit of power. Soft tail float The classic production mode of soft tail float is: soft tail, that is, hollow tail, which can be replaced. If there is no power and no bite, the float must return to the original number of meshes, without lifting the rod. For crucian carp fishing, the four-fishing-two is the most typical. Because of its long and slender tail, the fish signal has a wide range of movements, which can be used to catch slow fish, cunning fish, and deep-water fish. The so-called restoring force refers specifically to the use of bait, float down, fish loose mouth, and immediate return to the original number of meshes in the Taiwan fishing group. You can observe fish information earlier. If you don’t know what floats are, you don’t know where to start. High, the floating movement is steady and continuous.

Most of the hard tail floats have very long tails, and the number of targets is also large. Therefore, the soft tail drift is known for its accurate signal.Carbon-footed hard-tail floats are very stable due to its slender indicator and strong windproof performance, which is very suitable for fishing bottom fish. Nowadays, the fishing gear market is getting bigger and bigger. The restoring force is the difference between soft tail drift The main feature of the hard tail drift. It can catch 1-4 meshes in use. The indicator is generally seven or eight eyes. So today I will introduce you to the soft floats.1. Generally, bamboo-footed hard tail floats are used for Float and catch half-water, catch fast fish. Through comparison, it is not difficult to find that the two kinds of fishing floats have their own characteristics and uses, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages