Broken, aluminum alloy soleplate at the bottom of the ship, thick wear-resistant protective armor, V-shaped inflatable keel at the bottom, can withstand greater impact and resistance to wind and waves, and can drive at high speed in large waters such as sea, river, lake, etc. This kind of boat is very light and has a flat bottom.. If you want to use this kind of boat for fishing, please remember not to enter complex waters.

Sharp objects such as fish hooks, reefs, and wooden stakes are difficult to pierce. The second type is a clip-net inflatable fishing boat with a material thickness of 0. Fishing in some static small river ponds is fine. People who stand on the boat will shake very much. The third type is aluminum alloy inflatable fishing boat.The rapid development of living standards has made the fishing gear used by many fishing friends fishing tackle accessories more and more diversified.

The first material is very thin, like a few hundred pieces, and the hook is basically broken when it is shaken, and the safety factor is equal to zero. Therefore, those who use this kind of boat for fishing, please don’t stand, and try to sit firmly. You don’t have to ask for the more expensive the better.6mm, suitable for fishing in small reservoirs. The fishing gear you choose can be considered according to your own needs.

The aluminum alloy bottom inflatable fishing boat uses Russian imported high-density military inflatable boat airtight cloth., whether it is fishing or water Surfing is the best choice.2mm. The material thickness is 1. The current inflatable fishing boat is a new way of fishing, which has attracted more attention abroad. Finally, no matter what kind of inflatable fishing boat you choose, this is just a way to let you relax