There are more fish in the fishing club, but it is getting harder and harder, mainly because there are more masters. The climate is unstable and the water in the pond is cold. Carp fishing in this season in spring is indeed difficult. From five yuan fishing a day to hundreds of days now. At least you can understand these pits to catch a good fish. I suggest that there are 3-4 pits under your hand. Fish nowadays are basically inferior to nests, and they don’t recognize pasta. The fishing rod can be used for two-eight fishing partial 37. When the bait is opened for the second time, the medicine is halved, because the bait for black pit fishing should be lighter and lighter. The current black pits are basically not allowed to hit the nest, but the lead can be used to carry the nest.


Spring fishing carp line group must use thin lines, generally 1. After selecting the number, reach the fishing position as quickly as possible, and pull the nest quickly, so that the fish can gather quickly. It is best to use the hand and the nest to open the bait. Fish and old fish, the amount of China fishing accessories tools Suppliers medicine added is completely different, and what kind of bait this pit likes. When the tree is moved to death, the angler must first do three diligences: diligence with hands, legs, eyes, and concentration. This is fairer to everyone, and there is no need to climb the middle of the night after the fifth shift, which is too tired. As a black pit fisherman, don’t run around, because if you don’t know the water conditions, fish conditions, and fishing positions, it is difficult to catch good fish.2 large lines, 0. You can also use two fishing spots to fish back and forth at the same time.I am not a master, but the black hole is a little longer. Don’t steal the donkey, just pull the nest, lift the rod frequently, and draw a dozen rods.


The fishing club recommends to go to the pit with a door and open the door at a certain point.0 brain lines are enough, because spring fish have no power.   The spring bait ratio is mainly fishy, supplemented by fragrance. Throwing fish from the past 100 or 200 catties to the present three to five thousand catties. Don’t pretend to be a master. The amount of the new fish spraying medicine should be a little more. For a fisherman, if he wants to catch a good fish, he must first understand the fish pond, which shore he loves to fish in, which fishing position he is in, and he must also understand the water quality, whether it is lean or fat, and new.


Sitting on a fishing position and motionless, as the saying goes, good people move around. It is recommended that you can bear it a little bit. Basically, it will be almost until April 15th. If you fish one or two, pull 1-2 small groups, don’t continue to cast the rod, wait 15 minutes and then continue fishing , Because stealing a donkey must let the fishing position calm down so that the fish can enter the nest quickly.8 brain lines or 1..5 large lines, 1. It has been more than two decades