After choosing the fishing position, we must make the nest according to the specific fish situation. If you think that this kind of manuscript infringes your legal rights, please send the relevant qualification certificate to . The fish is under the hook and can be pushed and floated. Look for the drift phase 1. Silver carp and bighead carp are medium and large fish, and they like to gather together, so the choice of fishing tackle should not be too short but not too long. 3. Mainly blunt mouth. They like light, wind, and fat water. 5.5-meter carbon rod. Today, let’s talk about the techniques of fishing for silver carp and bighead carp. For bleaching, use thick and long bleaching that is fast and in place. We usually choose deep fishing spots, which can be fished from top to bottom. ‘Thick’ means that the line should be thick. I don’t recommend that you do it yourself. It doesn’t matter. Silver carp and bighead carp like sour and smelly. The main line is around 5-8, and the sub-line 3-6 is suitable.

The atomization time of the bait is determined according to the depth of the water. It is best to bleach the tail to bear the weight of the bait! 4. 2. 6. Note that the atomization should be good and the flavor should not be too heavy. 3. Let us share and look forward to your attention. 1. Lift the rod and anchor it to the fish body or empty rod, which is the fish on the hook. Silver carp and bighead carp are pelagic fish. The float slowly rises 1-2 meshes, and then down for a strong meal! (Very few meshes) At this time, the pole is lifted, and it is mostly righteous. Keep in mind that the common drifting fishing line spooler phases of silver carp and bighead carp , Accumulate experience through long-term actual combat! For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Fishing Tackle Industry Belt. 7. Fishing is originally intended for entertainment and relaxation, and it won’t be much cheaper! You can buy commercial bait directly. It is caused by the fish sucking the falling powder bait under the hook, you can push and float until a blunt mouth appears! Move 10-20 cm each time! 2. This manuscript does not represent the views of this website, and this website does not bear joint and several liability for the infringement of such manuscripts. 5. According to this feature, many fishermen prepare their own bait, usually by letting it ferment to make it emit a sour smell.

Silver carp and bighead carp have a large mouth, and Iseni No. Such fishing spots tend to be easy to catch big silver carp and bighead carp and reduce the waiting time for attracting, and the staff of China Net Library will reply and deal with it in time!. Common problems 1. According to the habits of silver carp and bighead carp, ponds and general reservoirs are generally suitable for fishing in relatively quiet sunny and deep water areas. Auxiliary bait drawing powder, white powder, snowflake powder, small medicine, etc. If you are not too big, you can use a 4. ‘Big’ means that the hook must be big. 2. 10-12 is generally used. Diao shakes slightly, and then suddenly down for a strong stop. Choose a good fishing place. Let’s come to the fishermen’s house to learn fishing skills, and wait for the fishing season next year.4-meter carbon rod!

Of course, it depends on the water surface. If there is no movement, push and float again until it appears. The float rises rapidly for more than 2 meshes, it is the silver carp and bighead carp interface, the bait is already in the mouth, and most of the rods are raised! 4. Usually, the atomization should be completed within ten seconds when it is in place. You can pull and float until a blunt mouth appears! Move 10-20 cm each time! Although the size of silver carp and bighead carp is large, the drifting phase is extremely weak, and some have only one-half or one-third of the eye, which is fleeting, which requires us to keep our eyes and hands not away from the rod. Choose fishing method to gather fish quickly. Choose fishing tackle. They all use their gills to filter food and like plankton.

This information comes from China. WeChat ID: yueyang99114 Happiness or Joy. 3. If you are too big, you can use a 5. Silver carp and bighead carp belong to pelagic fishes. The dense fish star in the nest is straight out, and there is no movement in the float. -Generally, 2 hooks are dropped, the strands are 50 cm long, 15-20 cm apart is better. The black float or slowly rises for several heads, which makes you feel like a big fish. Food use Silver carp and bighead carp are filter-feeding fishes that feed by filtering plankton in the water. Floating up and down within the scope of one eye, it is the bait of silver carp and bighead carp on the sucking hook. If there is wind, choose a leeward. We usually throw away the good bait with our hands, and we can throw it to the fishing spot with our hands. At this time, you can pull more 30-40 cm each time. [Disclaimer] The purpose of the works reproduced on this website is to convey more information. The lead is relatively large.

The rod should be lifted in time for any pause or acceleration in the middle of a sudden, black drift, sinking. When choosing a good fishing, silver carp and bighead carp like high temperature, and the appetite is best at 25-32 degrees Celsius! Generally we choose to fish when the temperature is higher! Need to pay attention to the low water temperature, the weather is not suitable for fishing.In winter, many fishing friends in the north can’t catch fish anymore. The looser the better! Pay attention to make up the nest frequently! Fishing float. Sometimes floats slowly descend or rise, and there is no blunt mouth. The state and taste of the bait in the water are fully brought into play by frequent rod pulling, and we must be flexible according to the fish situation. If people often use long poles on large water surfaces, we need to use long poles at this time