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Responsabilizziamoci:"Questo Mondo alla rovescia ci insegna a subire la realtà invece di cambiarla,a dimenticare il passato invece di ascoltarlo e ad accettare il futuro invece di immaginarlo.Vediamo di vivere e lavorare per un mondo 'altro' "



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Impegnatevi di più con i post non posso essere l'unico...
Inviato da: cassetta2
il 03/08/2020 alle 12:08
La vita nasce per essere vissuta e per godere mon trovi?...
Inviato da: chiarapertini82
il 05/02/2016 alle 19:05
Il chinotto recoaro il top!!! Peccato che questo prodotto...
Inviato da: Andrea
il 09/07/2014 alle 22:10
Inviato da: L'île au trésor
il 07/08/2013 alle 11:32
La informazione da voi data non corrisponde alla verità dei...
Inviato da: Zingaro Carlo
il 07/05/2012 alle 00:40






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cassetta2 il 03/08/20 alle 12:08 via WEB
Impegnatevi di più con i post non posso essere l'unico a tenere in piedi la baracca.
chiarapertini82 il 05/02/16 alle 19:05 via WEB

La vita nasce per essere vissuta e per godere mon trovi? Ciao da Afrodite Sogno

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Andrea il 09/07/14 alle 22:10 via WEB
Il chinotto recoaro il top!!! Peccato che questo prodotto sia stato sostituito da una imitazione probabilmente per interessi diversi. La recoaro è stata messa da parte a mio avvivò perché poteva essere un grande concorrente che purtroppo a mio avviso non riusciva a competere con questo colosso e ha ceduto le armi. Se sapere se si riesce a trovarlo fatemi sapere.."... Grazie Andrea
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L'île au trésor il 07/08/13 alle 11:32 via WEB
Utente non iscritto alla Community di Libero
Zingaro Carlo il 07/05/12 alle 00:40 via WEB
La informazione da voi data non corrisponde alla verità dei fatti. Non e corretto che voi vi comportiate in questo modo , conosco Alex e sono disponibile a confronto che ristabilisca verità.
Utente non iscritto alla Community di Libero
Sergio il 02/12/10 alle 22:36 via WEB
Ma invece di perdere tempo con questo giocattolo senza senso,(mi riferisco ai tuoi blog)vedi di andare a lavorare.
Utente non iscritto alla Community di Libero
Sergio il 02/12/10 alle 22:23 via WEB
tante belle parole ma mi dispiace dirlo,TU NON SAI NEPPURE QUELLO CHE DICI!!! sicuramente di origini sei genovese o addirittura scozzese,ma ti rendi conto cosa hai detto? non credo. Sei da denuncia solo per incitare gli altri a creare disoccupazione,TU PUR DI RISPARMIARE NON TI RENDI CONTO CHE TI STAI DANDO LA ZAPPA SUI PIEDI DA SOLO. Vuoi un consiglio,vai a farti un corso serale di economia e commercio,che e meglio.
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Trasparency Int. il 21/11/10 alle 16:29 via WEB
From Indymedia portal: SHELL & embargo: here's how the Dutch foraging Iran. Hundreds of U.S. companies have sold sensitive technology and know-how to the Iranians but also famous European multinationals. As Royal Duch Shell. Chemicals, weapons, technologies, software, spares for the war industry, nuclear and oil. Always arrives in Iran for everything. And by all. Especially from Shell. Which is also fun to make fun of the United States. For bringing the American authorities and ask for an international letter rogatory against society Irasco (October 2009) it took an official complaint to the Italian government authorities. Before all sleep more or less peacefully. One thing is the fiction film and the reconstruction of so many Americans telefim and another thing is to put in writing - on paper - the shady dealings of Iran as it did in its report a 007 secret service. Altana Pietro, considered an agent of military intelligence writes bluntly in a confidential letter to General Nicolò Pollari (Sismi), and the general Mario Mori (Sisde), and to the Italian government authorities on September 15, 2004: "For many years I work for the SISMI (Military Intelligence) full time and occasionally for SISDE (civilian secret service) as a consultant in my areas of responsibility such as Iranian society ... ... I was stopped by the Police Station Genoa Pontedecimo ... and was seized abundant material relating to the Iranian society that are the focus of our investigations ... the material in question concerns the Iranian trading companies (all controlled directly by the Iranian Government) which the companies: IRASCO, NISCO, IRITEC, IRISA, IRITAL, IRAN AIR, TEEN TRANSPORT, and many others, all companies that have dealings with Iranian intelligence services and from our investigations that have encouraged the export - from Genoa to Iran - high-tech "Made in USA (prohibited by the embargo) and also technology military and nuclear technologies. A lot of this documentation was filed in confidential files in my computer (all impounded) … and are now being studied by investigators ... I trusted my lawyers have also feared the possibility that the judges (pm Anna Canepa e GIP Todella) may question the Iranian society for a review of documentation found in my possession. In this regard I would point out - the illustrious President of the Italian Republic - the potential risk (also true) that the Iranian society (and therefore also inductively the Iranian government) can become aware of our investigations carried out in recent years on their behalf. With all the serious and irreparable consequences for the diplomatic implications of our nation". 6 years after the complaint appears to have remained as before. ran continues to do a roaring trade with the West in every field. William Hague, British Foreign Secretary (fatal coincidence that the same name of the city which houses the headquarters of Shell in the Netherlands) recently reaffirmed that the UK does not encourage trade and investment with Iran because of "serious concerns about the nature of Iran's nuclear program". This is the paradox. The Iranians continue to do great business, especially with European multinationals. As the oil giant Shell. Feel (or read) what he writes Michiel Brandjes, General Counsel Corporate of Royal Duch Shell Plc, to the ambassador Mark D. Wallace (United Against Nuclear Iran) when the latter - given the close relationships Shell-Iran - threatened action at the SEC, FSA, il New York Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange: “we have not yet taken a decision as to whether to proceed with the persian NLG Project”. So serafic replied the CEO of Shell on January 14, 2010. Not so long ago (see document pdf attached to the margins of this Article). Obviously it was a colossal hoax. Brandjes was aware of lying shamelessly . A few years ago, exactly 30 November 2006, to La Hague, in Holland, at the headquarters of the Shell International BV was present he with IP Counsel of Shell Int. BV Mr. Anouk Boon when he signed a confidential Agreement between Shell Research Limited and CEO of Irasco Srl Dr Kamyab Tehrani Soroosh (this last is a trading company based in Genoa, which is controlled by the Iranian government). The top secret agreement is named “Secrecy and restricted use Agreement for Sulfinol process”. In this negotiation involving several European and Canadian companies: Shell Research Limited, Irasco Srl, Royal Duch Shell, Gas Liquids Engineerings Limited, IOOC-Iran Offshore Oil Company, Iritec, Siirtec Nigi, e Thermo Design Engineering Limited. For at least a couple of years the project is fully launched (Kharg Islands Gas Gathering and NLG Recovery Project - EPC contract for Onshore Reception Facilities, Pipelines, NLG Process, Storage and Export Facilities – Contract No. 3660-85-2FC). The process object by the Secrecy Agreement called “Sulfinol Process” has been patented by Shell in 1960 and is a very high technological know-how that has a myriad of applications, especially in the oil industry for the production of aromatic compounds and the purification of acid gas streams. “The Shell process for the production of aromatic compounds is of primary importance in the removal of benzene, toluene and xylene, being able to obtain products with a purity of 99.9% with almost total recovery. Since sulfanol is used in these extraction processes, capital investments are minimized, costs are reduced and increase the plant capacity was increased and the purity of the synthesized compounds. The splitting of gasoline for the enrichment of aromatic compounds, led to mixtures with a higher octane fuels and refined for jet engines”. The “Sulfinol Process” is an outstanding business that has generated a mountain of money for Shell (in rials and dollars) and profits have increased tenfold in the Iranian Kharg Islands. And 'thanks to this technology that to Kharg Island (Iran) it was possible to install a huge deposit of petroleum products. With increasing levels of production Kharg Island has also become the biggest export terminal in the Persian Gulf. The U.S. government estimates are that Iran is a major exporter of oil in the world, the fourth-largest country, and trade of crude oil accounts for 80% of exports. Despite the sanctions and the embargo in place against Iran petrochemical giant Shell this year, rather than reduce supplies of crude oil from Iran, has actually increased by 30% benefiting from - among others - for large discounts on the official price market. Certainly the latest sanctions have made it harder to do business with Iran. Fortunately, there are companies like Shell that continue to bankroll the Persian country, bringing into the coffers of the Ayatollah billion dollars cash (Only 2-3 months in the summer of 2010, Shell has paid into the coffers of the Islamic republic over $ 2 billion for oil supplies). And all this business is not carried out secretly. It 's all in the light of the sun. A deadly blow to the U.S.. Iran is being urged by close economic isolation and military? Iran under strict economic embargo (with all that mountain of money)? But do not make us all laugh. The river of money paid by Shell goes directly to the oil company that is owned by the state, which passes it to the government in Tehran. In turn, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has this immense financial resources to fund nuclear research (from civil to military), the purchase of next-generation ballistic missiles, hi tech arms, all the possible and imagination scientific and technological know-how, as well as all the toys of war that the Iranians as naughty children yearn to possess. And now. If not cry flying down to earth and make ueeeeeeeee. Fortunately, there is dad Shell that pay good in cash. Who gives a damn of the sanctions,of the US Securities Act of 1933,1934, of Barak Obama. Thank you Shell. -------------------------------- Related links : - “Embargo & IRASCO: here are the U.S. companies that exported in IRAN” - “IRASCO: This is how the Iranians have mocked the U.S.” - “Altana Pietro and the SISMI have deceived the Iranians?” - “Altana Pietro: the SISMI’s 007 who spied community centers (and not only)” - “Scoop: Here's how the SISMI spy Social Centres” "ALTANA PIETRO – journalist/Agent of the SISMI and SISDE" - “Altana Pietro: SISMI’s 007 spy social centre, IRANIANS, tax consultant, high finance ...” - “Secret services spying Communist and MSI”. - “Scoop: Here's how the Sismi it was to kidnap Carlos Remigio Cardoen”. - “About pietro altana. if you want to call it” - “The secret services should be to steal in the house of Uckmar” - “Here's how the Sismi spying Roppo & Canepa (and CARIGE and CIR) " - “CARIGE Bank: here's how employees steal infidels” - “GENOVA - SPY STORY - HOW Coeclerici SPA spying - Declassified 8 years after other TOP SECRET documents” - "Mafia is wonderful" (word of COECLERICI)” “Repubblica (CIR Group): here is how work the Sludge Factory”. - “ENI, ethics code and the Secret Services” -“Corruption in Nigeria: ENI big risks (and pay cash)” - “Altana Pietro (Sismi) strikes back” - “SISMI spying the JUVENTUS FC?” - “ANA rhymes with ALTANA” - “VINCENZO ROPPO Story: bill by 14 million euros for CIR” - “Merger Enia-Iride: advocate Roppo warns the mayor of Genoa” - " Someone is spying on the City of Genoa” - “Italia-Serbia: Who Wins?“
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tutela il 12/10/10 alle 16:19 via WEB
Dovrebbero però essere le autorità a tutelarci con queste info e non affidarci al caso
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carlo zingaro il 19/06/10 alle 10:03 via WEB
Sono stupefatto delle appossimazioni e inesattezze contenute nella descrizione dei fatti inesistenti da voi descritti.Il vostro e'terrorismo mediatico e disinformazione completa senza alcun contradittorio.ho visto per caso il vostro sito Sono pronto ad un contraddittorio con Alex Zanotelli in ogni momento anche se a questi ho chiesto varie volte che padroni ha voluto servire. Io sono a posto con la mia coscenza e non ho mai avuto nessun padrone nel mio lavoro se non quello del rispetto dell'altro e cosi devo dire per onesta' della Del Monte che Mai ha ostacolato azioni tese all'attenzione sociale dei propri dipendenti anzi le ha sempre promosse nel rispetto delle leggi e non alla Babbo Natale come persone fuori da un contesto correttamente industriale utopistico come il vostro. Zingaro Carlo
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